Navy SEALS : The ONLY Way Women can be SEALS is to LOWER the STANDARDS, Of Course..

Women CANNOT Compete, so they HAVE  to Change the RULES AGAIN.

The Vanity and EGO of Women MUST be Appeased and Catered To.

This is truly becoming so pathetic that it is barely to post it let alone even bothering with this rampant stupidity.

So How can Women Compete With Men – They CANNOT, on any level, compete. And yet, those white knights in the Armed forces cow-tow(sic) to feminist stupidity by endangering the lives of other, well trained SEALS by forcing through improperly trained Women, that have a fraction of the ability of Men.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Dunford. Mabus has criticized a recent Marine Corps study which showed that all-male units outperformed mixed gender units on 69 percent of combat tasks

Change for CHANGE Sake.

This will cost lives and deteriorate the responsiveness of SEALS to undertake their duties, as the  BEST, highly trained soldiers that face challenges that no one else could. Just to please a group of spoilt, selfish, self-serving females who believe that corrupting standards and reducing them is a plus just so they can make some political propaganda point.

But as usual, these feminists do not give a damn about lives or outcomes, as long as their agenda is achieved. The lives of fellow human beings is completely irrelevant to these bigoted monsters.

They just do not give a damn. 

I would like to see every one in charge in the armed forces that thinks that this is just a fine way to endanger people lives, be fired, booted out of the service. They do not deserve to be there.

They are traitors to the country.

This clearly STATES and enhances the LYING claim that feminists makes that “ANY women can do what ANY Man Can” which is an obvious PROVEN LIE, by their own confession to CHANGE the rules when it applies to WOMEN.

Privileged Princesses MUST be Catered To.

Admiral: SEALs Should Open Up To Women, But There Will Be Pressure To Lower Standards

The Navy SEALs may face strong pressure to lower standards for women, said Rear Adm. Brian Losey, Navy special warfare unit commander, who nevertheless issued a recommendation to allow women into the elite forces.
Aside from downward pressure on entrance standards, Losey also pointed out that women are much more likely to suffer injuries, The Associated Press reports.
Yet, despite the caveats, Losey issued a five-page memo to U.S. Special Operations Command recommending that the Navy SEALs open the gates to women, following the lead of all other services except for the Marine Corps.
Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, who took over Friday for Army Gen. Martin Dempsey as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recommended that some combat roles remain closed to women, while he was still operating as commandant of the Marine Corps. (RELATED: Marine Corps Officials To Defy NavySec With Plan To Keep Combat Roles Male-Only)Losey’s memo agrees with many of the findings pointed out by Dunford but still comes to a radically different conclusion, namely that women should still at least have the opportunity to test themselves against tough standards, even if they ultimately don’t succeed. In effect, Losey strikes a midway position between Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Dunford. Mabus has criticized a recent Marine Corps study which showed that all-male units outperformed mixed gender units on 69 percent of combat tasks. As Mabus would have it, at least part of female underperformance can be explained away by pointing to a biased mindset of Marine officials who ran the experiment.
Marines have not taken this criticism well — neither has Congress. (RELATED: Congressman Tells SecNavy He Needs To Resign Over Marine Corps Combat Study Controversy)
But including women likely won’t increase combat effectiveness, Losey admitted, and a concerted effort to push for gender equality “will channel focus and energy away from core combat readiness and effectiveness efforts.” Over time Losey expects that men will adapt to having female teammates, if any, saying that “acceptance is expected to increase.”
Losey is confident, however, that pressure to lower standards will not succeed.

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