NEW MRA Title : NO, There is Absolutely No Problems With Men or Boys..HONEST..

Lower Life Forms DO exist..

John the Other has posted a vid. One that demonstrates beautifully just how frustrated the yawn-fest, feminist, mangina, toilet bowl scrubber is getting. One can almost relate to their infantile, ranting, hysterics (just like a “real” girl). Dozed with endless “f”words, loaded so full of abuse and insults, one has to wonder if either treatment is overdue or the meds have run out or even worse still. mom told them to move out..!

Probably All three..
Oh, the pressure..

It is what they do. All they demonstrate however, is how effective and complete the Men’s Movement has gotten. They severely hate any idea or suggestion that may or could possibly remove them from their base grovelling, skirt tugging, sock height position, that they have managed to beg themselves into with those grossly sexist, vacant and vile, venting, denialist, turgid, females in that hate movement..

Grovelling, hovering and begging, when you are NOT wanted, does take a lot of effort, as they well know..

Watch the video and wonder how these feminist manginian cretonians, can so spritely admit to the obvious fact that Men and Boys are way below the par where Privileged Princesses are concerned. But then go on and spew abuse to the very people that are involved with trying to change just that. The very people that are trying to do something about it..

That level of mental gymnastics can only apply to leftist loonies, that can so easily except two completely and directly opposed arguments or views, while refusing to recognise themselves as complete, adulterated, oxy-moronic hypocrites ( more moron than oxy). As feminists do, and so do those “Sell Out Your Own Sex for fur-burger at any cost “MANginas””, do.

Cognitive dissonance is a required goal, something to aim for and achieve..

If they had anything else to sell or to betray or lie about, they would do just that, for any self-justifiable, self-generated, self-excusable reason..

One would have to readjust their thinking paradigm, to re-class them as being anything human. Probably more some type of BUG, bacteria or lower life form..

Check out John’s NEW oxymoronic C.D. Friend..

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