NEW Recommended Baby Names for Feminists (Girls Only Of Course)..


The First List of Baby Names for Feminist Lesbians.

After dredging the public sperm banks, that were mainly set up to service lesbians. It would be appropriate to ensure that those newly fermented future antagonists, receive the correct name/handle in order to ensure it appropriately describes the newly labelled specimen.

It is the case that all ‘babies’ born to lesbians, are just another opportunity for experimentation.

Ensuring they follow their own toxic lifestyle and stunted purview of the world. Giving them another opportunity to propangandise another mindless, former embryo, to force into their delusional, brain-numbing mould.

Normally, it would take quite a few years to change a rational human being and turn it into a toxic, gender-hating, nonsense spewing, industrial-standard male-hater individual but apparently it can and is being done.

So in order to make sure that a list of appropriate names are made available for those future reprobates and drones, here are some solid suggestions to be used when those poor little samples are dragged out screaming and exposed to the world. 

Here is the first list of top ten recommended baby names, for females only.

These are recommendations only of course. These names are not subject to copyright and were not sorted alphabetically or arranged in any specific or preferred order.

However, there is one specific recommendation and a special “name” that would be most suitable. The “new name number 8”, describes a lot more than just an individual, it also anticipates an activity. Do not miss our special tribute to “VeeJay” at the bottom of the page, as a preferred selection.

1. Toxidia.(Toxi for short).

2. Dimentia. (Dim for short).

3. Phobia. (Angst for short).

4. Inflictoria. (Flic for short).

5. Mentalia. (Mental for short).

6. Victimia or Victimizia. (Vic for short).

7. Neurotica. (Nue for short).

8. Furoria. (Fur for short). Recommended.

9. Extremia. (Ex for short).

10. Censuria. (Suri for short).

Last but not least, a special mention must go to ‘VeeJay’.

That particular term and name has already achieved an exceptional level of recognition. It has been well associated with wealth and social standing. It also conjurs up a huge range of natural activities, that the Lesbian and feminist Community can relate to favourably (see Slut-Walks and Vagina Monologues).

It has the inbuilt ability to encourage active participation, as well as community involvement. Highly positioned to take advantage of the pursuit of monetary penalty, excessive payouts and wealth and it is used as a bargaining tool.

The name comes highly recommended by all and sundry associated or connected to it, as being recognised for it’s outstanding ability to draw enlarged and overblown budget allocations for no other reason than keeping it in a comfort zone to which it feels entitled.

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