Obama’s SEXIST ‘Girl’ Cyber-Terrorism ADVISER LISA MONACO Knows NOTHING about Cyber Security or Cyber Terrorism..

Obama – the most gutless mangina to EVER sit in the White House chair. A whimsical WIMP..


Obama’s USELESS Trollops Ensure Incompetent Handling on ANY issue.

Obama employs, places MALE-HATERS into EVERY position.

As is usually the case with leftists as well as Obama, when they appoint a politically correct ‘female’ they are NEVER really suited for the position or are even capable of fulfilling the task they are appointed to.

Jobs for the GIRLS with ZERO Qualifications.

In case it matters, Lisa Monaco has no discernible background or experience in cybersecurity — or counterterrorism for that matter — having served only as Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General in the Obama Justice Department prior to her appointment to her present role, where her primary duties have been the handling of day-to-day responsibilities involved in the closing of the terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay.

There we have it. Zero qualifications, ZERO ability, ZERO previous experience, another privileged princess FREE ride to the TOP. But all that does NOT matter to leftist feminist mangina Obama. As long as he is told who to place in every possible position, by feminist bigots like Mills and other male-haters that wallow in his nest of VIPERS.

The actual issue at hand is “VOTER FRAUD”. Voter fraud has ensured that the current White House occupier has kept his position for eight years while he and his female cronies drive the entire country to hell by continually spending as many Trillions of dollars as possible and introducing policies that ensure millions of illegals FLOOD the country and destroy any community harmony that exists.

His claim to fame is being a “Community Organiser”.

Webb: Is absent Obama dooming the US?

Obama is not an American Patriot but a Marxist MOLE, ensuring the complete destruction of the once great US of A. One that is buried beneath unfathomable debt, ensuring millions of criminals invade the country and when thats all done they will claim to be able to make it all go away by introducing MARXISM in the same manner and vain as Venezuela has done.

Dying Infants and No Medicine: Inside Venezuela’s Failing Hospitals

These claims are not far from the truth. We will have to wait and see. But Obama and his leftist female cronies are very busy ensuring that anything they undertake, that may have any positive effect on the people of the USA is either mishandled, fraudulent, illegal or incompetently handled as to make it useless. Meanwhile, He takes a ‘hard’ day off destroying the country and plays some more GOLF while people drown, get blown away or leave the farming community in droves because of taxes and green laws designed to so such. Obama just does not give a damn and his ‘FEMALE’ cronies are all complicit in it’s destruction.

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