Only WOMEN CAN MuLtITaSk – STUDY : Why Smart People Don’t Multitask..

I am a LIBERAL, a celestial epicentre of peace, love and other lies..Fascist bigots extraordinaire..


One can remember a few years back when those cretinous feminasties bragged and promoted this moronity as being ‘ANOTHER’ thing that only wimmin can do cause they is dat ‘smart’.

Why Smart People Don’t Multitask

It has been the case that the local loony squad of male haters fervently screamed, applauded and ridiculed all Men for NOT being able to achieve such higher level of brilliance, that wimmin could do automatically. As a matter of fact, those very same loonies also suggested with over-indulging snark and outright mocking sarcasm that them wimmins, were so far above the level of all Men and Boys, that they could view us from orbit.

From WMASAW August 2009 –


Change Education to ENSURE only WOMEN WIN.

Because, being so infused with such a prolific, unlimited amount of outstanding ability, must have been out of this world, infected by their own venereal-ridden organ, does that . They ensured that the entire education system be restructured to ensure that the learning methodology used by women was installed. That’s right. The entire education system was restructured to make absolutely sure, that the privileged princesses pass every subject with ease. That level of BIAS, SEXISM and RACISM can only be nurtured by the bigots that call themselves ‘feminists’ plus the WOMEN that have joined into that lie, malice and cowardice..

Making Certain Only Women Win.

And they drag out all those stats. about that very same sex, to brag about how ‘great and successful’ they really are. But conveniently fail to explain the bias and egregious methods used to guarantee why that is so. Not only do that very same sex fail at any subject that requires actual ability e.g. Science, Maths, Physics, they choose instead to wallow in emotive, vacuous, completely useless, over the top and overly attended subjects such as the ‘Arts’, ‘Psychology’ and other complete waste of effort, money and time, ‘SJW’ or equally moronic “SOCIAL Justice” degrees.

Watch female actor hamming it up for the camera. Acting comes automatic..

Has a LOOK to make sure she is getting the right amount of attention..

Education Reformed to Favour WOMEN only.

Go figure. After locking down the system to favour privileged princesses, ensuring they PASS EVERY subject because they possess a vagina and boobs, they still anchor themselves to pursuing useless degrees. The IRONY is lost on women. But it just does not get any better than that.

Yep I know, stupidity, ignorance, arrogance are approbatory to their self-induced, back-patting, vocal and laudatory existence. Completely unaware that self congratulatory behaviour does not make anyone a better or more knowledgeable being, only more self-centered. You can praise yourself all you like but in real life it makes one a target of  scorn and derision, and rightly so. Empty vessels make the loudest noise.

Meanwhile, we have Multitasking..

MultiTasking = LOSERS..

SO we had a look at the search engines, to see just how many of those “News Media” outlets were busily sucking up to the feminist movement and here are a few examples explaining just how exceptional women were at MULTITASKING..

Just brilliant. Just way too much irony but it exposes another feminist LIE. But by now, we are use to feminists lying. The bigger shock would be if they actually told the TRUTH about ANYTHING..

Start with the obvious fact-free

This Is Why Women Multitask Better Than Men

Actually that ‘page’ is no longer available, surprise, surprise..

and we have this..

and of course we have this as well..
from Huffpo, of course.

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