Plenty of Psychotic Women to go Around..

Another SUCKER bites the Dust.

Cock carousal rider decides that she is automatically in ‘LOVE’ with sugar daddy. Amazing how ‘fluid’ women can just automatically switch into a love scenario when there is money involved and she is about to hit the wall. Being in HER mid thirties, the CCR has decided that any man will do cause I need to SPAWN and I also need someone with MONEY to pay the bills.
What type of sucker is this gynocentric clown who will ‘marry’ this woman knowing full well that SHE will DIVORCE RAPE HIM WITHIN A COUPLE OF YEARS. What the hell is He thinking.
This is how women fall in love. They decide that it’s time to settle down and spawn. She will grab any guy, regardless of looks as long as they have MONEY. That is the sole principle that women work on.The “I LOVE You” con job is what they use, it is how they scheme and plan to eventually DR (Divorce RAPE) any Man..
Just a reminder as to how Men have become SLAVES to WOMEN. Gynocentrist Prager University. are busy ensuring that Men remain slaves to WOMEN while every right and PRIVILEGE is granted them as well.

New Video to watch and learn from………….

The TFM (TurdFlingingMonkey) explanation will ring true to your ears because deep down you just know it’s 100% correct.

Our RESPONSE to such endless drivel is “F*CK YOU and go to HELL”, it is that simple.

It is NEVER HER Fault.
Gross females blighting their bodies with Tattoos.

The bitches below, are that used to getting away with everything without being confronted or being ever told to behave themselves. The standard response to that is personified in the third video, where a black female just freaks out when the husband is awarded joint custody of his son.

Black females are well aware that sole custody is a free ride and a free meal ticket. They are well aware that they do not have to get off their lazy butts because the state will cater to their every whim and demand. That is why black females have become the epitome of obnoxiousness, despicable loud mouthed behaviour, are wretches, obnoxiously screaming in public, freely abusing kids, to get their own way.

Because that has worked so often. They were just let go, to be the most toxic females on the planet, by choice and via femicretinism propaganda. They were told they could and should do it all. They have become the pariahs to avoid at all costs.

You can now throw in the entire female sex as well. Any man that seeks a relationship with ANY woman, increases his chances of having his life, wealth and sanity destroyed. And that is now no longer a maybe, that is now an ensured LEGAL fact.

Those privileged women will be backed up by any decision those pathetic female adult-children make. They will receive every conceivable assistance and YOU will get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

So for the sake of keeping yourself sane and working all your life to further your own goals, think not just twice before hooking up with any of these psychotics. Because if you do, you will be destroyed. YOU will be ruined. Your life’s possible achievements and goals will be tossed into the garbage, because that female-child will ensure it.

Still think those child-adults are worth the effort? See these videos below for further reference points and evidence. You think you know women, think again..

They are very rarely CHARGED when LYING to Police or Courts.

Three examples about the opposite sex. Delete all previous knowledge about women and absorb some real facts.

Gynocentrism – SLAVERY..

 Psychotic WOMAN Number 1..

 Psychotic WOMAN Number 2..
Psychopath Woman Number 3 (white knights join in and gets himself arrested as well)

Psychotic Females number 3..(What you need to know about women)..

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