Sexist Bigot Bill Shorten to FORCE Women’s Sports onto Public via More SPECIAL Privilege Taxpayers Dollars..

Waiting for the excuses as to why a Top rated AUS Women’s Soccer Team was THRASHED by a team of 15 year old boys.

Bill Shorten (AUS Labor Party Leader) to the RESCUE – White Knighting Women’s Soccer and Sports, AGAIN.

These women are in their twenties.

More Money for those Special, Privileged, Self-Esteemed, Parasites. 

It has been the case that Women only succeed if they are given and/or are shown SPECIAL privileges and dollars to “help” the poor dears achieve something, anything. Women have been granted SPECIAL privilege status for the last 40 odd years, which has achieved sweet fanny adams. But those narcissists are still demanding more dollars than ever. Those special privilege promoting sycophants like Bill Shorten are always happy to comply. Sucking up for the women’s vote is ALWAYS successful as women run their lives by their credit card and bank accounts, preferably NOT their own..

Bill Shorten’s Sycophant Behaviour.

The FEMALE’s penchant for voting on a whim, on someone’s looks, prefer these sycophants when they cater in their favour. That is, when anyone will throw MORE money at them as they are still such pathetic entitlement-pursuing parasites that only MORE money can fix their imaginary ills. As long as someone else is paying the bill, of course. They do not give a damn where that money comes from..

After Billions Spent on Women’s Sport, Now WHAT ?


FORCE people to watch it!

One would imagine that any sport would attract followers and thereby those followers would pay and promote that specific sport and attend it regularly. But that has NOT been the case with Women’s Sports on ANY level. Those spectator losing princesses, those morally bankrupt female athletes plus those pathetic and tiresome feminists, have been bleating for decades about how “SUPERIOR” their own sex really is but we are all waiting to witness that “SPECIAL” level of superiority to rise anytime soon, any minute now.

    Australian women’s national team lose 7-0 to team of 15-year-old boys

    Australia’s women’s football team are ranked the fifth best side in world football. So how did they lose 7-0 to a collection of 15-year-old boys?
    It is the question gripping the Matildas, who will be targeting a medal at the Rio Olympics in August, after they were embarrassed by the Newcastle Jets under-16s side on Wednesday.
    Admittedly this was not the most fiercely competitive of friendly matches, with the women’s team employing a rotating team, but the Matildas, who often have no choice but to play boys teams such is the paucity of opponents in Australia, did have star names such as Katrina Gorry in their lineup.
    Assistant coach of the women’s side Gary van Egmond admitted his side, who were without their overseas-based players, had been taken by surprise.

    Even Title IX, Equal Opportunity, Negative Sexism, Affirmative Action, has not had any effect at all even though it was designed to STOP MEN from undertaking their passion for the sports field at their College or University or even KINDERGATEN(see previous posts). Billions of DOLLARS have already been spent on this pathetic excuse of ensuring that those SPECIAL Women’s Sports abilities will surface, will dominate forever in the hope that Men’s Sports will DIE..

    All they have achieved is GENDER CLEANSING Men from employment..

    Every effort that can be made, has been made for women’s sports and yet they still struggle to have any real presence except when it’s PAID for by Men’s Sport.

    That claim all falls apart whenever those “SPECIAL” creatures try to match or BEAT males at sport.

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