Sexist Feminist, Bigoted HATE Fest : Clementine Ford’s ‘Utopian Misandry Island’. Kill ALL MEN..

Feminist HATE-FEST Utopian Dream Island

Ford’s Utopian dream is exactly what feminists have been promoting and arguing about for decades, while they still constantly live in denial about their aims. Their hate-fest dream is just that. The claim that feminism is all about ‘equality’ (a standard joke), is so laughable that anyone stating such a ridiculous concept should be laughed off the planet.

The Majority, DO NOT Want to know ANY feminist.

It is a known fact that feminists do not speak for the majority(the majority cannot stand these bigots). These rabid lunatics would benefit from HATE management or better still, psychological re-assessment. These HATERS have never really before penned such a complete hate infested goal, not in public anyway. But here is that toxic #Frighbat, lesbian, Clementine Ford, stating precisely what feminism is really all about.

And yet they claim to be ‘caring’ and ‘sharing’ people, whose goals are to ‘improve’ the world. Judge for yourself just how despicable, vitriolic and downright sadistic these nasty, toxic feminists really are..

Problem Solved. Clementine Ford Diatribe link.. Check the comments..

Female Supremacy Only.

Two ironic issues that lesbo Ford mentions, has already happened. Women are already paid MORE for the same work performed by men aka Wimbleton(half the work for the same money). Plus women are automatically promoted solely for possessing a vagina. Two aims that those sexist, bigots have already forced through with the assistance of mangina, white knights.

Those very same manginas refuse to accept that the very women, whose cause they heartily support, want them DEAD. What level of moron does one have to be to support anyone who promotes that outcome. That explains feminised men down to a ‘T’.

Misandry Island: this is what a feminist utopia would look like

As a shrieking feminist harpy, it’s been a long held wish of mine to sail away on an ocean of male tears and live on an island that recognises the inherent humanity of women. Women of all shapes, sizes, creeds, colours, bodies and backgrounds would live together in harmony and under a system of collaborative leadership. In the evenings, we’d come together to watch the sunset. Over cold cocktails, where the twizzle sticks are actually dehydrated penises, we’d marvel at how much better it is to live in a society that doesn’t see us as peripheral to the real experience of what it means to be human, and doesn’t expect us to meekly accept the reality of our own supposed weaknesses. We’d make jokes, because women are very funny. And there would be no MRAs and no mosquitos, because the annoying buzz of tiny, obnoxious pests would be banned.
Ladies, this is my misandream.
But what other marvels would be found on Misandream Island? Come with me as I ponder what such a utopia would look like!

 1. Women would be paid more

Economic freedom is vital to women’s liberation – so on Misandream Island, women will automatically be paid 30% more than the men, regardless of their ability! They’ll also be given the best jobs and automatically be considered for promotions and fast tracking to positions of authority. Our society will recognise that this is the way things should be, because everyone will understand that men’s love for unpaid domestic work and child rearing will act as a barrier to their career ambitions.
The dominance of women in power will also mean we can finally stop talking about the importance of getting women onto boards. Because the only boards women will be on at Misandream Island is the ones they use to ride the salty waves out in the Bay of Male Tears.

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