SWEET Revenge against CHEATING WIFE..

Poetic Justice Best Served Cold.

Men do have to be extra careful these days. as any female can turn into a deceitful, double-crossing, maniacal, unprincipled deviant by banging everyone that has any importance in his life. The fact that your “wife” or “girl-fiend” can and will completely destroy your life without so much as blinking her eyelid, is not that commonly exposed these days.  But it’s what they do and they will always blame YOU for THEIR unimaginable cruel, deceptive, cock-chasing behaviour.

Media Inclined to IGNORE Women’s BAD Behaviour.

The media these days is overrun with unprincipled, biased and deceptive women covering their hive-mind MELD. “WE do NOTHING Wrong”, is their starting point..

It is a well known fact that the “media” will usually completely ignore any story that highlights the deviant, relationship destroying behaviors that women bring into your life. One prime example is this article. This female, this “wife” decided in her illogical mind that shagging your best friend AND your next door neighbour would remove those wishes off her “Bucket List” of achievements on how to screw up everyone’s life with just two acts of incomprehensible stupidity..

It has never ceased to amaze me how some Men will FORGIVE the whoring vamp under the believe that her “cock-chasing” is just a passing “thing”.

Wake the hell up..

Poetic Justice best served COLD. Well done..

Melbourne – Husband of cheating wife exacts revenge in the sweetest way possible

William Smith has been living in turmoil since the day he found his wife of seven years cheating with his best friend, and next door neighbour.
Not one for revenge William acted with dignity, separating and then divorcing his childhood sweetheart in an amicable split. He even left their house and moved in with a friend in the Coburg suburb of Melbourne. Feeling low and depressed, William was unaware that fate was set to deal him the sweetest revenge possible.
Whilst on his lunch break at work, William signed up with new Australian casino Bingo Liner on his mobile phone. After just 5 minutes of playing slots he won the weekly progressive jackpot of over $1,2000,000. Not wishing to shout about his amazing fortune William kept it to himself, waiting for the perfect time to announce his news.
“I hadn’t spoken to my wife for two months and she kept bugging me to come round to pick up my mail. I just sent her a text asking her to forward the mail as I didn’t want to come round”
The forwarding address was for a brand new $950,000 townhouse in Brunswick. The proud new owner William says…

I knew she wouldn’t post the letters. She came round to check out my new pad. I saw her pull up in our old car outside. The look on her face was priceless! She’s been trying to phone me since, but I’m not giving her the satisfaction!

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