The Complete Fiction of Male Domestic Violence Against Women..

One is a Privileged Princess while the other is something else..

Spreading the Lies About Domestic Violence.

I and many others have been trying to expose these lies for the last three decades and once again this topic rears it’s ugly head. Note, that whenever leftist organisations like the Democrats in the US of A, keep claiming that obvious lie of a ‘War on Women (Privileged Princesses) or “Violence against Women”, it is NEVER backed up by facts. NEVER..

 Because it does NOT Exist..

They would have to lie about that as well, which they have also repeatedly done.

The sole reason that it is NOT backed by facts is because it is completely fictitious. An utter and complete LIE. These are the lies that feminists and those manginas like Obama, keep mouthing and promoting, without the backing of a single, provable fact.

Like John the Other states in this video. It has been a lie told so often, that it has now been accepted as gospel. That is the ‘Gospel according to the feminasties”. They have continually lied about the truth of DV and generated false information for the sole reason of promoting women as so-called -victim queens, lining their own pockets and keeping their over-paid positions. It is what they do and have always done.

I challenge anyone to show that a. There is actually a ‘war on women’ and b. that ‘women are not  violent when it comes to domestic violence’, that is completely ignored. It is impossible to prove because there is NO factual or honest or un-tampered information around that proves that women are the sole victims of domestic violence.

 It is the complete fraud that has been hijacked,  introduced by the lying harpies in that feminist movement, that lie constantly (Like Snarkeesian) without any factual backup what-so-ever..

John will show you a few FACTS to prove how big a lie they have been selling for so long and so will the above links in blue..

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