The “FAIRER” Grubbier Sex, HAH! : Four out of five women don’t shower every day..

They wants chivalry SO BAD they will Pay Men to do it..Suckers.


Women STINK..

It has always been a rather interesting piece of propaganda, suggesting and demanding, that women are the “Fairer” sex. However those psychotic lunatics from the male-HATE femi-cretonian sect, has clearly demonstrated that being labelled the “fairer sex” is just another laughable, misrepresentation of the true color that women really are. Now its demonstrated as being totally irrelevant, as being a fanciful, misrepresented abuse of its actual meaning.

To begin with, the word “Lady” no longer has any significance when it is used to address any female. They have struck down, throttled, trampled, spat and abused that title that much, as to make it completely meaningless. Go ahead and try and find one, in this toxic day and age. Any female being addressed as being a lady, would be a snark reference from the lips of a comedian or someone taking the mickey.

Can ANYONE, in their wildest dreams, even possibly relate the word “lady” to those nasty, obnoxious, rude, toxic and beyond identification, femi-morons; using it in the very same sentence would suffer the user a complete breakdown, as well as conniption.

So that ‘Title’ is dead and buried, gone the way of the Dodo. Just like placing them on a pedestal should already be. Even though they are that keen to get back onto that that they will even pay people to place them there.
Reminiscent of those type of moronic “real-time, reality programs”, where the ‘admirers’ would prostrate themselves in front of the chosen, while being copiously lubricated with hard-cash. That should be a rare treat to those self-appointed, fair-ies..

Obnoxious, Toxic Canadian cretonian from Toronto Uni.

The Abusive SEX

So how do they keep killing their once held heightened “Superior Fairness” illuminations  , I heard you ask ?

 Like all propaganda, the crystal was shattered when those puerile reprobates aka femi-cretins, started their abuse, unrelentingly for four decades. They are still at it today. Trying their pathetic best but fewer people notice those miscreants because they are now just completely, childishly predicable and so totally BORING. In a brain-numbing way, they only they, refuse to accept, comprehend or even believe it to be so. While the rest of the population runs across the road to avoid these compulsive liars, they just keep at it like they are sharing some new revelation. It has been done to death by the previous cretonian members. Idiots, the whole lot of em!

Meanwhile the others have another self-produced problem..
They can now ‘Detox’ the smell and aroma with alcohol based flower and oil extracts, to their heart’s content..

Four out of five women don’t shower every day

Is it not amazing that every single issue and denigrating arguments those femi-clones blamed on men and boys are now coming back to bite them in their ever expanding arse. 
Remember those “boys are smelly, throw stones at them” T-shirts ? 
Well guess What STINKY ?
Four out of five women admit they don’t shower every day, and a third say they can go for three days without washing their body.
The personal hygiene of Britain’s fairer sex – or the lack thereof – has been laid bare in a survey of 2,021 women aged 18 to 50 for skincare range Flint + Flint.
It also found that almost two thirds can’t be bothered removing make-up before they go to bed, and one in eight own up to not brushing their teeth before they sleep.
When it comes to washing in the morning, only 21 per cent of females take the time to shower or have a bath every day, with 33 per cent admitting to leaving it as long as three days from wash to wash.
Sixty three per cent admit to not removing makeup before going to sleep after a night out, with 35 per cent of those citing time as the reason

The fear of having to get up in the morning means they get straight into bed and don’t have time to waste washing off the night’s excess.
And a shocking one in three have gone as long as three days without washing or wiping their face or body at all.
Time constraints mean that despite knowing the importance of skin care and general hygiene, 57 per cent of UK women admit to opting for a quick freshen up with wipes before bed.
Despite this, of the 2,000 plus women surveyed, 92 per cent claim to understand the importance of a skin care regime and recognised that life-style factors such as lack of sleep (76 per cent) and dehydration (61 per cent) can impact on their skin.


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