The Female Chameleon..

The Female Chameleon.

Claims have been made and still are, that “feminism” has actually helped men.

(I’ll wait for you to wipe the spray off the screen).

They actually have the audacity to say that with a straight face.

On top of that, we have lying feminists claiming to be “all for men having their own rights”, which suggests that they already know that we have zero. The blatant farcical point they now promote is that they are all for “Men’s Rights”. When in actual fact they try to stop every effort at trying to achieve it.

Feminist Lying threw it’s Teeth to Seek Favour.

The lying feminist in this video does just that. Makes the claim that “she” is all for men’s rights but fails to add that those “rights” would be subject to feminist scrutiny, as well as their usual selective, mythically generated “patriarchy” censorship mentality, that would reduce those chances to zero.

They are basically just lying straight out, in even suggesting it. Their entire mythical “women are victims” diatribe would be torn to shreds, if they were to encourage just a single issue or event to surface.

Therefore they present this level of condescending drivel, designed to appear that they actually give a single damn about anything male. The worst thing about this video is that the lying feminist is actually believed and praised by “manginesses(new). They fall for the very same thing that promoted this hate movement to begin with – believing lying women.

The video is from the excellently designed NEW MGTOW site.

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