The Kitchen – A torture Chamber Filled with..

Emily’s List sexist bigot Lisa Carey apparent FAIL on “irony”. What a surprise.

Wooden Spoon Prize, right there..
Lesson for the DAY is

How to Make a ….

I suppose they HAD to do something for that “tossed out of office” feminist bigot, Julia Gillard. Otherwise there would be absolutely NOTHING notable, that the “first woman PM” could possibly be remembered for. Apart from being just the most vitriolic, vile, hysterical, male-hater, that it really is.

LOL…The Julia “I am a Victim” Gillard TEA TOWEL released and promoted by the bigoted, sexist feminist “Emily’s List ” crowd, was released as a fund raiser.
Now, one has to wonder how a sexist, bigoted feminist organisation such as “Emily’s List” would even bother or have the obvious complete moronity in releasing a product that is used in a KITCHEN.

According to feminists..

Kitchen – A torture chamber filled with a plethora of implements and tools designed specifically to torture, maim and/or severely inflict untold imaginary feminist damage to any “woman” that enters..

Now, one can use Gillard’s “Temper Tantrums Quotes” on a tea towel”, WOW.  To remove even more Garbage..

The Julia Gillard Tea Towel.

Have they not repeatedly screamed and hurled their usual vitriolic insults against anyone that DARED to suggest that any female (that OVER privileged sex), avoid it at all costs. They should never come within a 10 metre proximity of that “sandwich making” centre or they would suffer from delusional, manufactured, consequences. It has it’s very own “ready for use” cell apparently, with torture implements, including chains, to be used on any female that dares to enter.

The Disgusting, Hatred Spewing lesbian, Clementine Ford.

Tea towels come in very handy for removing scum and other foreign bodies, off the floor and into the garbage where it belongs, where the feminist mindset and complete hypocrisy often dwells..

Lesbian feminist and hate spewer Clementine Ford, is a good example on “How to be a feminist”. As it once again vomits it’s hypocritical “MYSOGYNY” at any WOMAN that does not pay homage to it’s debased, mentally retarded, mindset.
(f)feminists are the complete hypocrites, that has no peer. Spewing hate is their standard level of behaviour and of course, this number one Australian cesspool occupant is the main example.

Or could it possibly be that a “feminist” has a “sense of humour”?

Hardly likely, is it..


Tim Blair – Saturday, July 25, 2015 (4:35pm)

Now available at the ALP National Conference
It was widely regarded as one of Julia Gillard’s finest moments: the misogyny speech that reverberated around the world with its righteous anger …
And now it can help you get through that mountain of dishes: feminist political network Emily’s List has turned the famous speech into a tea towel.
It’s curious symbolism. Why reduce a speech all about female empowerment into a symbol of prosaic domesticity? Does Emily’s List have a keen sense of irony?
“No,” Lisa Carey, the group’s national co-ordinator, told Fairfax Media on Friday. 

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