The Most Repulsive Women on the Planet..

(f)eminists Attack on FREE SPEECH.

Venel, Parasitic feminism.

To be honest, I am not that sure that I have focused or exposed this video in the past but it’s well worth exposing it again.
There are now a plethora of anti-feminist video channels on youtube, which gladdens my heart immensely.

This video below has over 1.5Million hits. Spreading the word a lot further and more often, is what’s required to stop these venal parasites.

Read the Comments, Where they try to Claim that “Big Red” is NOT a feminist!

They clearly show how toxic, how disgusting and how repulsive feminism has become and still is. We have to expel that repulsive propagandised leftist doctrine and place it in the annals of history as being the most repulsive, hate inducing, vile agenda that has ever been forced on humanity.

It deserves to be labelled and placed in the same category as other similar forces that have been eliminated for it’s perverseness and it’s generation of pure evil.

In a Humane society ‘feminism” should not even exist.

When I first started this blog back in 2005, this was one of those rare blogs that actually hurled feminist moronity back at them and they shrieked, fumed and spewed every which way they could to shut this blog down. This blog was actually removed for two days, as they managed to convince Blogger to do it’s nasty, fascist deeds.

Both these videos are not suitable for work, of course. Too direct..

Sycophants Peddling a Hate Doctrine.

(f)eminism should not exist at all. It fights every effort to answer for it’s society destroying doctrine. Here is another video exposing the answers those sycophants come out with. Amazingly, those same sycophants actually believe the trash they state, to be justification for their own existence and it’s adherence to  that Hate Doctrine.

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