The SPAWNSTAR : She has Baby Rabies and needs to SPAWN..

The Legal SYSTEM Considers it to be HER CHILD, NOT YOURS.

Women do not have any disincentive to behave or to be a better person Society protects them, the DIVORCE courts encourages their GREED and AVARICE and the ‘Husband’ has absolutely ZERO standing to bring about any reasonable or even an equal division of goods. That is where it’s at at the moment and has been for forty years. Divorce in any western country and YOU WILL GET SCREWED.

Common sense dictates that any male will avoid ‘MARRIAGE’ like the plague, that it now brings. That PLAGUE is commonly known as BABIES RABIES. A condition that women suffer from at a biological, psychological and at irrefutable DNA level..

SHE needs to spawn..


Babies Rabies is a force that women undergo without it even being a specific knowable, awarable intention, it is not akin to injecting their chest cavity with goo to enlarge their boobs. That is a specific decision they make, even though in the long term they have to have it removed or replaced, because of issues such as leakages, the weight of those bags of liquid becoming overbearing, affecting their spine or their health deteriorates because those bags slowly leaks substances into their chest cavities to make them very, very sick.

They are told all about these detrimental side effects when they want to take that action. But, they still do it because having bigger tits ensures them more attention from their ‘friends’, attention from the opposite sex, and now they can gleefully look forward to hours and hours of guilt free shopping, a completely new wardrobe is justified because..

They just have to do it. It is their mindset and NOTHING you say or do is going to change the outcome or that fact. It is that simple. Stories are told about those very same females going further afield with their newly fashioned chest, because now they are of the opinion that there are better (Like in RICHER) conquests out there they can try to catch. Bigger boobs means a bigger range of suckers available..

All besides the point, because, those bags make the ‘FEEL’ better even though they look obvious and  pathetic while demonstrating an act of desperation..


The Babies Rabies Plague is exactly similar to that but in a lot of different ways. There is some deep subterranean urge that overwhelms them. The FIRST, is the inbuilt urge to seek MORE notice and attention(freak show fat feminists and blue hair type freaky exempted). But applicable.
Secondly, the other urge can only be described as a subterranean urge to spawn. That urge is now, the DNA ‘”SPAWN NOW” is received later and later in life for the spawnstar. But they still requires the same type of sucker to finance it, under the claim of having some remote need, for a relationship.

Some of these Baby Rabies carriers will just hijack your sperm, after a one night stand (see lesbian neurotics at communes) or they just simply buy some wankers sperm from the local sperm banks, that have sprouted up all over the place to service those wackos, cause the STATE will pay the costs (See BLACK WOMEN as EXPERTS). Being completely insensitive to the outcome of raising spawn with only one adult of the equation in tow. They will ensure themselves that they possess magical powers that will not allow anything negative to happen. Like the spawn doing the exact same thing the Rabies SPAWNSTAR is doing right now..

That companionship/relationship, by the way, is always going to be temporary, because after the spawning is done, the bills are paid, the Baby Rabies Spawnstar has now been inoculated and is now well over her intial lunacy and can now make plans to jump on the cock-carousel to appease it’s ego, for the next few years, because she ‘FEELS’ she has still GOT IT.


Meanwhile, she ensures the funds are available by FINANCIALLY RAPING the sucker Husband/Partner/Mate/Boyfriend/Raped Boy and ensuring the funds are now available because she needs to travel, have plastic surgery and buy as many and as much jewellery as possible. And, don’t forget about having a boob readjustment session as well as they will be a little gravity induced.

Baby Rabies Inoculation : MONEY.

The Babies Rabies has that same effect as the boob job. Throw out ANY mental image you may have about ANY female being a rational, logical or even remotely considerate about YOUR feelings on that issue. SHE is secretly scheming and justifying to herself about how she is going to manipulate you into thinking that HER pregnancy (meaning HER baby) is YOUR IDEA and/or YOUR FAULT.

Below video is a good explanation about the traps, the suicides, the agony of undergoing HER plan, HER divorce, HER manipulation of HER kids and how you will LOOSE under a legal system that has now been completely forced to side with the privileged princess and in those courts the correct TERM is HER CHILDREN. You only donate the sucker SEED and the MONEY..

So in actual truth. That bitch, get to spawn, you pay for HER decision and YOU PAY for her lifestyle afterwards and meanwhile you are left with NOTHING. That is the type of agreement that SHE LIKES..

The LEGAL System Guarantees it..

Good luck suckers..

From the Video Producer..

Gentlemen, my goal is for men to be better. To be informed. I’ve learned a ton since my own divorce, and have coached others. Please share you experiences below, it helps the community tremendously so men can see the world, feminine imperative and family law for what it is. Also, share this divorce video with a man in your life that needs to hear this message.

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