The Thaumaturgical Juju: Self-induced “Victimhood” Mentality Delusionally “suffered” by MOST Women, Today..

Encouraging the JUJU.

It is no secret that feminists and their mind-numbing minions have convinced women in western society just what a poor little victims they have assumed themselves to be. There is nothing better than failing to except responsibility for one’s own behaviour and decision making.

There is nothing better than blaming someone else for your own stupidity. Women are experts at that. Every action they undertake in thought and behaviour is never their own fault, while they take the cowards way out to blame all and sundry for their own screwed up lives. Black females are the prima facie examples.

Women are Blameless.

Blameless is interpreted in the dictionary as being – inculpable, irreproachable and impeachable. Just the way those privileged princesses like it. Even when faced with the facts that they are nothing more than self-serving, selfish, self-centered misanthropes; they live in denial while justifying their privileged lives as being a lot less than it really is. In reality, no one owes them a living but they sure as hell think that everyone else should pay for existence. Just because they grace the planet with their delusional self-hallowed presence.

A highly overrated attitude that permeates from their subconscious like pixels in the electronically manufactured internet ether.

But it takes just one to point out the bleeding obvious. One of their own actually. I know, I am more surprised than you are. They have been trying to sweep this well known hypocrisy under the carpet for decades, just like their other many misbehaviours that courts just love to ignore or even encourage.

Lying in courts benefits women as they are just ignored when exposed..

Here are just a few studied examples about female behaviour and the obvious results that we all know so well..

Lesbian Divorce Shocker!

1 in 5 US women have kids with multiple dads

Women 40 percent more likely to develop mental illness than men

Why are lesbians so fat?

They are fat because they are just too repulsive.

Meanwhile we have this ‘Study’ on the Selfish Feminist, that covers that HATE movement’s actions, denies a lot of facts and justifies their moronic behaviour, all for the sake of ‘Change”.

We already know about forcing through ‘change’ as being the leftist moronic pursuit as they believe that any change is ‘ALWAYS’ for the better. They however NEVER think anything through and end up causing more damage, deaths, corruption and heartbreak than any benefit they actually claim to  bring. A completely moronic attitude, that is their utopian pursuit while they happily destroy more people’s lives in it’s application and process..

“Feminists praise self-centeredness and call it liberation. (Marshner 1982”


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