There is NO Difference Between Lunatic Leftists and ISIS..

Leftists and ISIS – Two of a Kind.

As a matter of fact, one has yet to find any leftist condemn the murderous action of those lunatics in Africa, as they busy themselves slaughtering defenceless and innocent people by the boatload. Enter the lunatic left.

In tiny Walkerton, Indiana – population 2144 – a local pizza shop recently became a target of national hatred
When asked by local press the hypothetical question of whether or not they’d prefer to have their family owned business, Memories Pizza, cater a gay wedding, the owner said no citing their own religious beliefs as the reason.
Rather than allowing this family to simply have their opinion, which they were asked to give, outraged people grabbed the torches and began a campaign to destroy this small business in small town Indiana.
All for having an opinion that is rooted in faith.
No one was turned away. No one was discriminated against. It was a hypothetical question asked by a news reporter who had questionable motives to begin with. 

This is typical sadistic communist behaviour. A method that those male-hating feminist also follow and promote. But there is ZERO difference between that lunatic movement and the current one slaughtering their way through Africa. Only the methods are different. How many lives would those feminists have deliberately destroyed ?
They do not give a damn. As long as their lunatic propaganda is spewed far and wide.
One could just point to the male suicide rate as the number one example. They could not care less. It is such behaviour that leftist lunatics thrive on. If you do not blindly follow, believe the things they wallow in, then you are the enemy and MUST be destroyed.

Really charming human beings, not..

CBS employee Alix Bryan was one of many leftists who gleefully leapt aboard the bash Memories Pizza bandwagon. At one point she even reported the Memories fundraising site for fraud – “just in case” – before hilariously claiming she had acted out of concern for the O’Connor family. She also complained that people were associating her spiteful tweets with her job, leading to this brilliant response:  

Don’t you hate it when your livelihood is threatened because of your opinions?  

Bryan – a part-time journalism lecturer (!) who knows all about crowdsourcing – is now under investigation by her employer. Meanwhile, the fantastically stupid pizza truther movement gains pace: 

Meanwhile and as per usual, one is glad that not everyone wants to wallow in that leftist stupidity even though they claim that “everyone” out there has the same mental deficiencies as they do.

And just like Stalin, Moa and Pol Pot reacted, so do they. Nothing more than followers of those extremists as they respond and act against a little Pizza Restaurant Owner’s reasonable response to a hypothetical comment that was delivered by another psychopathic female so-called journalist –

The hatred and threats were so intense that the pizza shop shut down and the proprietors went into hiding. Then something magnificent happened. Texan journalist Lawrence Jones launched a funding drive for the shop, with the modest initial aim of raising $25,000. Let’s see how that campaign is going


For his trouble, Jones is now also under threat. That’s what happens when you do something good. Iowahawk summarises: 
In one day, an Indiana pizza place became the worst Yelp-rated restaurant in the world, and the highest revenue restaurant in the world. Until yesterday the highest revenue restaurant in US was Bob Chinn’s Crab House, at $75k/day. Now it’s a pizza joint in Walkerton, IN. 
And it wasn’t even open. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


Sneering leftists really did hope that their rage and hate would force a little pizza store out of business


Following the free market’s near-$US500,000 in donations – equal to beyond $A640,000 – leftists hate the shop even more. Here’s further background from Scott Ott and Robby Soave. Meanwhile, a demented school employee faces potential charges: 
An Indiana high school girls’ golf coach has been suspended without pay after she posted a tweet threatening to burn down a Walkerton pizza shop for refusing to cater gay weddings.
Jess Dooley, who coaches at Concord High School, made the threat to Memories Pizza, which created a social media firestorm this week after the owner said they would have no problem serving gay couples but would not cater a gay wedding because of their religious beliefs against nontraditional marriage. 
Someone could soon be looking for work. Perhaps a certain pizza joint is hiring.

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