This is How Feminists View Themselves..

How Feminists SEE themselves.

Being self-delusional is a must, a precondition for any feminist to comprehend and apply. Most would have problems with comprehending that opening sentence. They are definitely not known for their brain-taxing ability, that is for certain.
They only require three different abilities in order to join that blathering pack.
1. Get OUTRAGED – anything, any topic, any action or behaviour that involves a ‘man’ or any ‘male’, regardless of age. The younger the better and easier to abuse.
2. Needs to be able to read without mouthing the words, out load.
3. Must be a pliable, pack animal. For females, that is obviously not an issue. More like a daily activity..
Hey Presto – a member of the world’s worst HATE movement since the female KKK started back in the early 19th century. That would have been good practice for their future efforts, eh!!
Anyway, this is a FREE Poster, generated right here at WMASAW for you enjoyment. Spread it around at will and enjoy..

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