Top Hit for December 2016 : “Under the Clitoral Hood” 2006..

This is what women do. Completely self involved, Way too much time on their hands. Tarts..

Is MAN finally making a comeback ?

After facing an endless barrage of ‘feminist’ HATE, MALICE, ABUSE and denigration to everything from boys pointing their finger at some snowflake, an action that had him removed from school, to a 12 year old boy sexually assualted by his FEMALE ‘teacher’ that impregnated that psychotic bitch who then SUED him when he turned 18 years old, for child support.

That is the level of abuse women will stoop to.

Nothing, to them is more SACRED, than MONEY. They just pay lip service to everything else..

It is the combined efforts of male hater feminists and women in general, that benefited. Women have progressed, promoted, even hailed that anti-male, hate agenda to its current level TODAY. There is no avoiding responsibility on that at all. You are busted. Actions which have assured those society destroying, privileged princesses maintained it’s SEXIST, BIASED and ABUSIVE attacks at that level for decades.

Women are now the ‘ jactitation‘  experts..

Women always live in denial. They would never in a million years actually confess to being ‘privileged’ regardless of race, colour, oversized or their number one aim – social position. They are that arrogant, they are that spoilt, they are that selfish. they are that egregious, they are that corrupt and obviously NOT worth the effort. Especially in their current state of self absorption, where self-abnegation is beyond their comprehension and completely outside their self interest

Women have that endless ability of demanding everything and giving back NOTHING in return. They continue on that path until the benefactor is completely crippled, ruined, bankrupted, they care zilch. It was all their due, see divorce courts today. It is what they do to one society after another.

Men build, WOMEN tear it down..

Their endless demands brings everything and everyone to their knees, while they pat themselves on the back with pathetic, contradictory, vacant half similes, vacant empty platitudes, pretending to be something they are not. Endlessly self aggrandising to the point of nausea. Normal behaviour for and to, their own sex..

It is the way they have always been. Put women on a pinnacle and watch everything crash and burn..

We are slow to learn but we do eventually learn..

Here is another female fraud, just like many others..

post here..

It’s ALWAYS about them..

This post below from 2006 is currently the most viewed page for the month of December. Interesting indeed.


Under the Clitoral Hood

Are You Wining & Dining Her for Sex?

Most men pay their girlfriends and wives like prostitutes—cash, dinners, vacations, jewelry, cars, homes, and clothing—in exchange for sex. Not only unnecessary and emasculating, such stupid male behavior induces “purchased and entitled” women to fake their orgasms.
Like a car, a woman will take you where you guide her—assuming she’s a good match and you’re a good driver. Ignore her pings and rattles, and she’ll stop operating, strand you, or put you in a ditch.
Marc Rudov’s new book—Under the Clitoral Hood: How to Crank Her Engine Without Cash, Booze, or Jumper CablesTM—helps men avoid golddiggers, learn what really turns women on, and end self-destructive chivalry. This provocative and hilarious book is a perfect sequel and companion to The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women. There’s no book like it in the world.
Stop Letting Her Run Your Life … NOW!

What YOU Will Learn From Under the Clitoral Hood

o How to know in advance she’ll be safe for you, compatible with you,
and have real orgasms—so you don’t waste your time
o The ins and outs of female genitalia—know how to please her!
o How to seduce her without physical contact, money, or alcohol
o Why she is more sexual than you, and why that saves you money
o Why she likes bad boys
o How to make her crave you and not cheat on you.

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