Toxic, Misandric, Fraudster Clementine “Kill ALL Men” Ford gets her Uppence..

Clementine Ford – A Hater, Liar, Hypocrite and a Professional “I am just a victim” Fraudster.

It does not take long for that hate frothing, leftist “lesbian feminist, women’s studies major, and professional HATE Monger”  Clementine Ford to spew ever more HATE. It is a well known fact that Ford does it purely for MONEY. Her hypocritical motivation is not only beyond question but it demonstrates just what a fraud she really is.
Hate Mongering is ofcourse the professional function of these “Women’s Studies” majors and anyone stupid enough to actually spend their lives undertaking their educational time pursuing such a useless undertaking must be a complete idiot, a total lunatic. Why would anyone spend time learning how to HATE one half of the population and then expect to be employed by any industry, is beyond comprehension.

So she does what every other hate spewer does to earn cash, appeal to a minority of self-alike idiots while screwing them for every dollar it can.

While on extended holiday overseas Ford was asked about the lack of new episodes of the donor-funded The Misandry Hour. Always quick with an excuse, Ford blamed a lack of “great equipment” and her having “blow[n] up the internet”.

Obviously, Ford is completely incapable at working out how to produce anything to do with the web. Obviously needs a MAN to do the work that she is obviously incapable of doing or even comprehending.

“blow[n] up the internet”.

Up next, is a expose, an extended list of Ford’s dysfunctional, rabid, hate mongering activities for all to see. One does have to wonder why the idiots that support this bigot, do not wise up and treat HER just like she treats everyone else on the planet.

Trigger warning: leftist stupidity, hypocrisy and responsibility shirking

Clementine Ford a righter of wrongs? Hardly. She’s a writer of wrongs: a foul mouthed attention seeking purveyor of nonsense – rape culture, patriarchy, misogyny – pandering to the prejudices of like minded lefties, the ultimate aim of which is money in her pocket.

As one would already correctly assume, Ford only preaches to her own circle of hate mongers, that is, the feminists, leftist lunatics in Australia. Hate spewing by Ford is finally exposed for what it really is, self-assumed, self-produced, self-assessed, misandry, that only a delusional, self-promoting, full-time professional lunatic like Ford can fraudulently produce. Endlessly and continually promoted for monetary reward. Yep, she does it solely for the MONEY, the CASH (so she can soar across the planet). Hypocritically using that capitalist benefit that they continually claim to resent.

Such is hypocrite Ford.

What a disgusting “human” being, this toxic, bigoted female, really is..

Give me more money..

Update: While on extended holiday overseas Ford was asked about the lack of new episodes of the donor-funded The Misandry Hour. Always quick with an excuse, Ford blamed a lack of “great equipment” and her having “blow[n] up the internet”.
It’s interesting that Ford has the time to: holiday overseas, police language infractions online and in public, and habitually Tweet and post to Facebook but can’t find time to create the promised monthly podcasts.
Ford also hasn’t found it convenient to update her Patreon page to inform donors and potential donors of the reasons why only two episodes of the “monthly” The Misandry Hour have been produced since the end of May 2015.
Even slow-to-learn lefties are wising up, Ford’s Patreon donor count dropping from 294 at the end of November to 261 as of today. Maybe donors asking for refunds would spur Ford to meet performance commitments.

There is of course, plenty more –

Update II: Clementine Ford isn’t the only Australian near-celebrity lefty to take money without delivering. Way back in August 2013 Antony Loewenstein launched a Kickstarter campaign raising money for his documentary Disaster Capitalism. The campaign was a success, US$21,468 raised as of 20 September 2013. The most recent Kickstarter update, for backers only, was on 25 July 2014.
Loewenstein himself provided a progress update of sorts on 28 August 2014 coinciding with the release of a teaser trailer for the film:
For the last years I’ve been working with New York based film-maker Thor Neureiter on a documentary about Disaster Capitalism. We successfully raised money on Kickstarter last year and we’re currently pursuing funding from a range of global sources. Film-making is a long, painful and challenging process.
Not a word since.
For pretty much the whole of this time Loewenstein has galavanted around the globe researching both the film and his Disaster Capitalism book. All credit to him for convincing the gullible to finance international travel “researching” a book and documentary no one with any sense will pay attention to.
Update III: Hypocrite Ford criticises photo sharing by others:
Jamie Briggs quit the ministry last week after it emerged he had been investigated for kissing a political staffer’s neck and telling her she had “piercing eyes”. … Briggs has since admitted to forwarding a photograph of the staffer to some of his colleagues, leading to a pixelated version being published on the front page of the Australian newspaper. Stay classy, you guys.
The female consular staffer posed for the photo and the Australian obscured her image. Ford on the hand photographed a man without his permission, posted the image to Facebook, accused him of hate speech and borderline racist behaviour and asked her readers to identify him. Everything’s not quite right inside Ford’s head.
Update IV: Ford plumbs new attention seeking depths in finding fault with the ABC’s coverage of a man allegedly killing himself and his two children:
CF muder suicide 2
The leader on the story she’s all upset about reads: Port Lincoln murder suicide: SA father who drove kids off wharf at high speed a ‘top bloke’, shocked friends say”.
She’d be overjoyed if the guy was described as a wife-beating asshole.
Update V: Fairfax Media ignores Ford’s many online indiscretions, including:
CF men are scum
Whereas black male cricketer Chris Gayle is terminated:
Gayle has been writing paid columns for Fairfax Media over the past month. Given the issues that have arisen over the past 48 hours, that arrangement has been terminated.
A clearcut case of misandric racism if ever there was one.
Update VI: Ford is incensed by an SBS piece titled “Murder-suicide dad an ‘everyday bloke’”.:
I have a piece coming out tomorrow about the repulsive reporting around the Port Lincoln man who murdered his two children…
What’s really repulsive is Ford trying to make attention seeking all-men-are-evil mileage off a tragedy.
Update VII: Armchair psychiatrist Ford offers a medical opinion:
CF diagnosis
Update VIII: Ford, a gender studies major, at The Age:
Community discourse in this country still suffers from an inability to balance what we think we know about family violence with what is actually presented to us. Violence is more often hidden in shadows, primarily because the choice to perpetrate violence is exactly that – a choice. The issue of mental health is always raised. But while men’s mental health is an important issue, it’s also a distraction. Most mentally illmen don’t murder their family members. And all this focus does is continue to position harm to women and children as the sad by-product of the greater tragedy of men’s low self-esteem.
As far as I know, Ford is not a family violence expert and by all indications she has a very poor understanding of family violence dynamics. And considering her erratic online behaviour, her judgements are iffy at best. By the way, since her column is at The Agerather than Daily Life, comments can be lodged.
Update IX: Should Fairfax Media continue to employ Ford? Of course; her presence discredits the whole outfit.
Update X: Sensible commentary – via Fairfax – Ford’s editors should heed:
South Australian Commissioner for Victims’ Rights Michael O’Connell said the heart-wrenching incident had caused anguish for the family and friends.
“But also to many who find murder by a parent to be among the cruellest of tragedies,” he said.
“As people seek to come to terms with what has happened, they should be careful not to victim-blame.
“We do not know the reasons Damien did what he appears to have done and speculating helps neither the family nor the people of Port Lincoln.”
Speculating helps Ford: for her it’s a payday.
To all you losers saying this is a mental illness issue, you are just so profoundly wrong. This is an issue about violence against women and children. This is an issue of male entitlement and hyper masculinity that is embedded in Australian culture and society. Stop going on about how he was just a poor bloke, he is a MURDER!!!! If he was struggling with a mental illness, there are a limitless amount of other options available, and killing your poor innocent children to get back at their mother is not fucking one of them.
Yep, I knew it, leftist stupidity is infinite.
Many thanks to Tim Blair for linking.
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