UnDoomed : Your BRAIN on feminism – DATE a feminist..

How Embarrassing is This Video ?

It has been the case that feminists have been getting a lot of flak regarding the complete mess they make of everything they touch. How they whine, bitch and moan endlessly about (EXCEPT RAPE, SEXUAL Assault and ABUSE by Muslims) anything they can think of, regardless of it’s incomprehensible stupidity (like man-spreading, masplaining etc.).

One has to wonder just how stupid or how damn ignorant feminists really are. It is well worth pointing out that anyone who is pathetic enough to be “dating” or have anything to do with a feminist, needs to attend “How to be a MAN” class immediately, as the wimp in the video clearly demonstrates.

The feminist dragon browbeating the poor sucker in the video is a fine example of what you would end up with, were you stupid,silly enough to take that “route”.

Here’s some info. regarding that dictatorial piece of nastiness in the UnDoomed video..

marinashutup Feminist Friday.

A series where we explore the social, the political, and the media from a feminist and intersectional perspective…and use a lot of F words. 
The was one “f” word missing, have a guess?

Yet, I get responses like this drone.  This unthinking fembot that poses a question and falsely claims that feminists are “not” the nasty, obnoxious, repulsive and downright toxic specimens, that we all, already, know them to be.  Something they have already clearly demonstrated.

Here is Binx, that foul-mouthed feminist cretin, that has worked wonders for people shedding and denying “feminism” for the toxic, abusive, obnoxious, vile, doctrine it really is.

Pay attention  HALABI..

Chanty BINX at work..

Here is that compulsive liar’s comment..

Your survey implies that feminists are man hating demons, when the truth is feminism just clarifies that men and women are equal. Women are not better than men same as men are not better than women, they are equal. Unfortunately some people misuse the word feminist and make it seem like women are better although that directly violates the purpose of feminism

A feminist would not know the truth, even if it was injected intravenously..

Actually, that survey does clearly state the obvious, not imply it, you drone.

The comment was posted by this little despicable, close-minded, ignorant, wishful thinking feminist drone or would that be a toxic fembot  or maybe just an annoying gnat?

Lanloun Halabi on GooglePlus..

And of course, we see enlightening videos like this one below..

What to Eat to make your Breasts grow Naturally

It’s called “FOOD” Halabi, you know, that stuff you put in your mouth when you are hungry. Sheesh!!

Survey HERE

The excellent video by UnDoomed below, does a brilliant job showing just what manner of wimp one has to be, to “date” one of those despicable harridans of hate and malice.

The poor wimp even states at the end of the video that he needs Men’s rights. Great propaganda video for that hate movement..

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