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Exhibitionism Comes Natural to Females. The current rage is to shed clothes at the slightest request.

The Glossary According to MGTOW.

Glossing over the MGTOW site is certainly an interesting exercise as it explains a lot more than one usual finds out about. Here are some explanations regarding those abbreviated terms that sometimes popup in comments and conversation.

More examples of these well used terms here..

For those who are unfamiliar or unaware of the philosophy of MGTOW, here is a brief explanation. Over ten years ago five males, including myself, got together to write this philosophy of “Men Going Their Own Way” in order to give Men another choice instead of being coerced and thereby forced to marry. It is a philosophy that promote the concept of making one’s own way in life rather than being dragged down the isle by some money seeking harpy.

Since it’s inception and exposure, the laws applicable to marriage have been even more generous to privileged princesses in order to transfer money to them. If that makes you think twice about marriage, it should. You will be financially raped of ALL everything you own and worked hard for and it will be handed over to a female who has absolutely no understanding of what it takes to accumulate wealth. Regardless, for doing nothing, the PP (Privileged Princess) will be financially rewarded regardless of what effort, if any, she puts into any marriage or relationship.

MGTOW is designed to expose that disgusting practise and hopefully opens one’s eyes to other options a man can take to improve his own life and avoiding those traps.

SMP: The Sexual Market Place. The zone where male / female sexual and inter-personal relations take place.
SMV: Sexual Market Value. i.e. When a person is seen in public with an attractive and charming partner, their “SMV” goes up, meaning they become more attractive to other potential partners. But even more importantly, where a young man may begin early adulthood with a very low SMV compared to an attractive young female, he will come to realize that he hasn’t even BEGUN to understand that as long as he remains diligent, patient, true to himself and rigorously focussed on more worthwhile pursuits…. his SMV is almost certainly going to increase exponentially over time. This can be understood by anyone with an iota of common sense, and is beautifully articulated by a man in this one of many examples.

AFC: Average Frustrated Chump. (See Beta Male and Omega Male)

Alpha Male: The leader of the pack. The man other men aspire to be… and the man women want to be with.

NAWALT: The perfectly rehearsed deflection “Not All Women Are Like That!!!” very often heard from women whenever any man criticizes the very real actions and behavior of the female collective. Not to be confused with a valid argument, NAWALT is used to pull focus and conversation away from the actions and behavior of 99% (or “most”) toward the 1% in an attempt to get you to think in terms of the lowest common denominator. Read more on understanding generalizations »

AWALT: ALL Women Are Like That. The opposite of NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That)

ASSPOWALT: “A Statistically Significant Percentage Of Women Are Like That” (incase the detractor isn’t getting it.)

AW or WW: American/Western women in the aggregate.

A Real Man: The hive/female definition of any male who is expected to make himself available to be treated as a utility, disposable tool, ATM machine, sperm donor or human wallet. Any man who refuses to be treated this way is generally regarded as “not a real man”, and should be prepared for an avalanche of shaming (i.e. “you must be prepared to drown on a sinking ship and ensure female comfort and convenience – even at the cost of your own life – else you are not a real man“). Most commonly used to describe any man who has not yet shackled himself to a female, or one who is seemingly immune and unaffected by her charms, looks or manipulations. This confuses the female to no end. So much so, that she will now attempt to convince herself that he is not even male. However, the true definition of a “real man” is any human being born with XY chromosomes. The remainder of that definition is entirely up to him – and nobody else. Especially a woman, because she has zero concept or understanding of masculinity outside the scope of what she thinks he “should” do for her.
Even a trans-sexual male is still a “real man”. He’s just an artificial woman.
We trust this will clear up the confusion for those who don’t understand the basics.

Baby Rabies: The female biological clock in full hyperdrive. Firing all cylinders, she has a plan to get pregnant and you are not a part of it. Except to make 216 monthly payments which she plans to extort using any and all methods at her disposal. Including any form of deceit. There are virtually NO limits to what she is capable of – and WILL do – including reaching into the garbage to fertilize herself using the contents of a discarded condom which an otherwise responsibly-behaved man used to protect himself from entering fatherhood against his own will and better judgement. 

Bad Girl: While women everywhere continue to publicly trip over themselves and stumble while trying to define a “man”, a “good man”, or (our personal favorite) a “real man”… as Men, we do not engage in that manner of horseshit. It’s up to every woman to define herself. Women already do an excellent job of this with their actions, and particularly their non-actions.

Beta Male: The nice guy; the sweetheart; the feminized mangina; the man women marry as Plan B if they can’t snag an Alpha male, then subconsciously hate him for it later. 
Please Note: MGTOW do not subscribe to such silly and finite classifications as “beta” or “alpha” because these terms are essentially defined by the female. These definitions exist here only to illustrate what other people mean when they sling these bullshit terms around like a frisbee.

Bitch: Often mistaken for a derogatory term, the modern female embraces this title and wears it around her neck like Olympic Gold. This can be seen in modern literature written BY women – FOR other women – as in such books entitled “Why Men Love Bitches” and “Why Men Marry Bitches”. Available in paperback on Amazon, at Borders bookstore(s), and wherever nauseating trash is sold. Therefore, women never get to complain when a man uses the word “bitch” in a sentence. This is precisely why so many millions of women are single against their own will and “can’t find a man”, and it explains the exploding population of single mothers. They deliberately cultivate disaster in their own personal lives, and will even advise other women to do the same. Literally. The only reason a Man would marry a bitch is because she worked her ass off to misrepresent herself for years. No man worth anything would ever do it knowingly. This has already been established here and that bitch also proudly wears the title like a badge of honor. Maintaining QUOTE: “All us bitches are the same. We’re all the same.”. Learn it. 

Bitch Bin: The small box or drawer a man uses to store items left behind by the women he sleeps with. When the bitch bin containing tooth brushes, hair brushes, hair ties, lipstick, etc. is found by his current interest, an unapologetic response by him heightens her attraction for him even more.

Choir: A group of well-rehearsed feminized supporters who are ready to back up the star artist (your girlfriend or wife) at a moment’s notice and at your expense, of course. The choir is staffed by other females and beta males, and is often conducted by the guy who plans to bang her the moment you’re out of the picture.

Cathedral: The term “Cathedral” was coined by a Mr. M.M. and reformatted by Chateau Heartiste (and probably others) for a general audience to mean the collective motivations and enlivening spirit of the bulk of the human machinery that powers the entertainment, media, government and academia industrial complexes in the West, but particularly in America. This human machinery is mostly progressive in political disposition, equalist in ideology, tyrannical in method, snarky in execution, and hypocritical in principle. So as not to associate the meaning with any religious implication, the Cathedralmay otherwise be referred to as the “hive” – to represent the reflexive, obedient, hive-like thinking on the subject of human intellectual, psychological and sex differences, both within and between groups.

Cis / Cis-gendered / Cis-hetero: Feminist drivel never used in a sentence by a man.

Cupcake: A delicate-looking seemingly light and fluffy muffin top with pretty frosting which is supremely fattening and very bad for you. The gun is loaded, cocked and pointed at your head. Cupcake has had her finger on the trigger from the moment you said “I do” and she will pull it on a whim, the moment you cease to entertain her in the manner she so desires. If cupcake has a Facebook account, you are basically giving her a free pass to cheat on you. She will have old flings on her account, past men she was interested in, all it takes is for you to piss her off one day and she will have one these men provide a shoulder to cry on.

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