What happens when you show a woman her female privilege?(video)..


Women Do NOT regard their Privilege as Being Just THAT..

Women who have gotten by on looks alone have their tools of the trade taken away from them. They are then thrust into a social situation where they have to take the male role in dating. Lets see how well they cope.

This video uses clips from the TV show “Beauty and the Geek” for the purpose of making a social commentary. The clips have been selected under fair use for non-profit educational purposes.

One has to remember that there have been only RARE cases of women being shown just how privileged they really are. From preferred employment options via “Equal Opportunity for women only”, to the case where men are programmed in their DNA to protect these spoiled, self-promoting, self-orientated princesses. 
However that “protection” is in no way reciprocated as women are only ever interested in supporting their own as well as ensuring their hive-mind mentality reigns unabated (Watch election results where women will only ever support political parties when it is to their BENEFIT only)..

That very same HIVE_MINDEDNESS is reflected by Lying feminist bigot Hillary and her penchant for females including it’s sexist selection of Pocahontas as running loser. A bigot to the very last drop while we have a pairing of professional feminit liars. 

Anyway, back to the video, yep..Four women are challenged to behave like Men for just ONE hour, as they check their privileged lives and the end result, results in tears.

A very RARE video..

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