What Women DO just to get ATTENTION..

Women and Politics. Why bother thinking about the country when one can go NAKED..



Politics has always been a nasty little game and it’s not going to stop now. These cretinous leftist bitches will do anything, including stripping naked in public, for their 3 minutes of attention.

It is really ALL THEY HAVE. They are well aware of the fact that gawking female’s naked bodies is a national pastime, that includes those lesbians. And these cretins are basically saying “Let’s flood the land with murderous lunatics and throw open our borders” just like they have done in EUrope(sic),EUROSTAN..

Gee! Only one bitch stamp..

Bring in the murderers, rapers, criminals and all.

Meanwhile hundred of thousands of these politically ignorant morons back “one of their own” in Criminal, lying, Hillary., a proven, maniacal granma, incapable of the thought process as to leave every comment to  One that has already stated that the borders must go, allow in the loonies from every country that wants to dump them, and let’s have a “feelGood Session” where they can feel so proud of themselves by skanking it up in public.

As we have previously noted, WOMEN have ZERO dignity, principals or even the remotest sense of modesty or decency. Rather go naked than stop the country from being trashed and turned into a living third world hell just like those rabid backwaters in Africa. Where they still sell SEX SLAVES, murder any female for being NORMAL or better still, NOT ALLOW any of these rabid exposures, a free life just like their parent had before they showed up..

Which is not a bad things apparently, if this is the standard way women behave in FREE western societies and democracies..

It will give them more ammunition to play the “VICTIM” for the next fifty years..

Such is the age we now live in. Attention seeking is the main priority in their vacant, non-thinking, socialist promoting live. Vote for any idiot that demonstrates that their privileged arses will continue as it has done now for forty years. It is just TOO PATHETIC for words to explain..

The HIVE MIND at work..

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