Why are Deviant, Female Pedophiles Given FREE REIGN over ANY STUDENTS?

Deviant, sexually active female teachers given a FREE run in ALL SCHOOLS.


Tonie Reiboldt, pedophile and sexual abuser of students.
Female Pedophiles.

This is becoming a major yawnfest. How many FEMALE teachers have now been SEXULLY Abusing underage students while the Education departments just bury their heads in the sand !

“This week’s married, fortysomething female middle school teacher busted for allegedly sending nude photos and videos of herself to at least four males under the age of 16 is Tonie Reiboldt.”

What steps are they taking to reduce the number of students that have been SEXUALLY Abused by Women of ALL ages? Where is the OUTCRY from parents and where has any education department demonstrated that they have introduced ANYTHING that stops those WOMEN from abusing those students, ESPECIALLY BOYS.

One major indication is that they just do not GIVE A DAMN because they are not members of the protected privileged SEX and neither are there any PROGRAMS in place if it were Men doing the SEXAUL ABUSING. The entire process is now that biased and SELECTIVE because they fear doing what they HAVE TO DO in order to reign in these sexually active deviants from deliberately breaking the law.

Never before has this level of abuse been registered before as female teachers just simply “feel” it is their right to sexually abuse any CHILD as those pedophiles see fit. The absence of the PEDOPHILE LABEL, which marks any MALE if he were to sexually abuse should also be applied to women. But the PC loonies have already ensured that when a woman sexually abuses any student, male or female, it is politically incorrect to name that WOMAN as being a PEDOPHILE because, well… it’s a WOMAN. The hypocrisy and BIAS is just that.

Countless students are now just open slather to any female as those education departments and schools just refuse to introduce anything that would be aimed at future and perspective female pedophiles from operating. Where is the endless abuse, the BANNING and NOT hiring FEMALE TEACHERS as they did with Male teachers. And where are all those warnings for FEMALE TEACHERS to be supervised while in the presence of underage students akin to what did against MALE TEACHERS.

And WHERE is the NEW HIRING program that excludes female pedophiles from being employed as they did with Males in the past. Now we have the situation where ANY sick, demented, sexually active psychotic female can be employed as a TEACHER because ALL STANDARDS have been dropped and FEMALE TEACHERS have all been excused from behaving like rational adults.

How many children HAVE TO BE ABUSED before anyone takes any action at all.

This has gone on for long enough.


WHAT is ANYONE doing to reduce or stop this level of abuse that WOMEN have been freely undertaken in schools without supervision or demonstrating any concern for any child that is exposed to these sexually deviant WOMEN ?

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