WHY has there been NO CHANGES to DIVORCE LAWS ?

women are owed, to be married.
Begging to be screwed over..

Bonus DIVORCE Bingo For WOMEN.

When it comes down to Marriage, the LAWS are against all MEN. No changes have been proposed or even disgust, just completely IGNORED,. This is one major issue that no one wants to tackle or CHANGE for the better. The current laws are in place to support ONE SEX while the other (MEN) will PAY and pay for a long time. Just so a FEMALE can ride her privileged life, free of having to not only support HERSELF but also demand that a MAN PAYS for HER being on the planet, SCOT FREE.

Dissolvable Female Marriage Contract.

It is a well known fact that WOMEN have made their part of the marriage contract to be dissolvable at will, free of accountability, NULL and VOID whenever convenient, so SHE can do anything SHE wants without ever being held to account. SO MUCH FOR THE “STRONG” woman. She is nothing more than an all absorbing leech on society, an unaccountable WRAITH that can swan from one relationship to another while SHE collects thousands to millions of dollars for just being in place at the right time. Men are the money makers and women are the free-loaders, the majority of whom would NEVER be able to make that money that they so frequently rape from the “Love of their LIVES”.

What manner of person does one have to be, what level of depravity does one have to reach, in order to screw over a previously presumed “LOVED ONE”, into the ground, into suicide, to bankruptcy, the very man who went down on his knees to beg you to marry him?

Women have only demonstrated themselves, over the last 40 years, to be the disgusting EXPLOITERS and SCHEMERS we now know them to be, with their SOLE intent of hooking up with any man in order to seek payment and reward for services rendered because she now feels that you OWE her MONEY for her part in that relationship..


When a Man bends his knee to BEG a woman for her hand is marriage, that already indicates that she is above YOU and the only reason she commits is that she “FEELS” that you vow to PAY her for her part of keeping her in that contract. Everything is now aimed at that future. You will pay one way or the other. It is for that reason that we see women as being the MONEY VACUUM, that can only be fulfilled with a MAN paying her for services rendered, for which SHE does absolutely NOTHING.


Here are some facts about that path you will want to watch.

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