Why Men are Incapable of Saying NO to a WOMAN..

Why Men Capitulate to the Wishes and Dreams of Women While Killing their OWN.

When any Man looks back at his relationship or marriage to a woman, how often has He asked himself “What the hell am I doing in this situation” ?
Many times during that relationship HE would have questioned himself, why has he put himself into just that very position. Once locked into that arrangement, he will obstinately refuse to believe that HE has made a wrong decision or when he does realise it, he will refuse to accept that he cannot honestly deal with it.

He convinces himself that he has to “Man-UP” and take the bad with the worse, as Paul explains in his video and presentation. Many times during that relationship, as he constantly allows the wishes of the Woman to overrule his instincts, dreams and better judgement, to be annulled. He dies inside as his life slowly seeps away, while it reaches depths never before imagined or ever before tolerated.

Each day or week or month in that relationship, will eventually, to not only train him to be completely conciliatory but he allows his own dreams to be replaced indefinitely, to be put on the backburner and/or  never to be achieved at all.

Your Dreams and Goals Always Come Second.

How many young Men have married and after just one year, hears those magic brain-numbing words from a super elated partner, whose dreams just came true, state “I am pregnant”. With you responding with a grimace, knowing your own dreams and aims were now just cancelled or put on hold for the next twenty years or your life has just been knowingly, thrown down the gurgler.

A lot of those dreams fold under that limelight, while the woman is so elated that she cannot wait to tell everyone she knows of that fact, while you are now in that impossible position where leaving would just cause way too much pain all round. So you acquiesce, you go along because it is the “right” thing to do.

Tell Me Again “You are there, Because” ?

And yet, females have absolutely no problem whatsoever of going to a sperm bank and having kids on their own. More the FOOL you. You have to ask yourself exactly what reason you are going to put yourself through the wringer while that very same female will have that child whether you are there or not.
It just makes you a third party hanger on, or in today’s language “the ATM”. You are there purely for social dressing and the feelgood factor of the female. You have just written off your entire life catering to what SHE wanted and helping HER achieve HER dreams. Would SHE do the same for YOU ?

That is indeed a very interesting question, that is NEVER put to the test..

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