WMASAW Comments : “You Must be a Black Guy” from commenter Thelma Freaa..

You Must be a Black Guy.

Usually, I would just toss this type of comment, as it is just completely ludicrous, but let’s humour this vacant ranter and show just what level of lunacy I have to contend with, with just running a blog..

Normally and usually, any feminist would be screaming and yelling they are “victims of something” and run to the Washington Post as they would gleefully grant them a full page to spew their imaginary illness and psychosis..

Comment by Thelma Freaa

You are a black guy. 

WOW, Wrong, straight of the bat. 

Not the first time WMASAW has been abused on the very same topic.

Assumptions do not an argument make. It just makes you appear to be another mentally deranged female !

But I can empathise with the Black bros and the incredible amount of abuse they receive from their feminised, “privileged princess mentality” females, that they are forced to put up with. A plethora of toxic, abusive, princesses that suffer more from self-importance and a presumption of special “victimhood” privileges, rather than anything else as they do not have any endearing qualities at all.

Black women are Entitlement Princesses.

Making themselves the scourge of the western world with their inbuilt hypocrisy, with their endless, self-serving, hostility and seemingly uncaring attitude about the life of others..

A “Thelma” Video posting, That has NO meaning.

Below is a video that “Thelma” has posted on Youtube. If anyone can make any sense of it, let me know as I am completely at a loss as to what the video is actually about !
Maybe it is a cry for help or maybe it demonstrates so subsurface hostility that is raised when living in darkness for way too long!

Here is the “pre-amble” to the video that is clarity itself..
Published on 2 Jun 2014

  It’s a competition y’all. And it’s all about the face and body. It’s not about saving baby whales or feeding homeless polar bears. They don’t have to be able to sing or dance……..or read. BE HONEST!!!!! Who is better LOOKS wise?

Erm ! “homeless bears” and “don’t have to be able to read” does cause one to wonder at what stage “Thelma” is at in her treatment, as it has obviously failed. Should get a refund Thelma, as it ain’t working, honest..

Thelma’s second assumption –

I can tell by your irrational focus on black women.

And the comment you posted, is what exactly ? Do you have any argument apart from not stating a single “fact” to base your argument on !

Generalisations do not an argument make. Oops, I said that way too fast…


Now Thelma, you may have to grab a “dictionary”, that is a book, assuming you know what a “book” is ? as it will explain what big words mean. Good eh!

And the rest, as you can read and see below, is just a handful of spiteful, racist bigotry and abuse, regarding Black Males. Typically, exactly what only a racist, feminist, bigot, usually spews.

Whaaa!! wimmin is so much victims, en!  everyfing..

 Black males are violent failures WORLDWIDE. In places like Africa and the Caribbean, black males abuse, commit crime, can’t run a government orpave a road and the rate of violence and fatherlessness in Trinidad and Soweto is slightly higher than Detroit and Baltimore. Though Africa and the Islands have little in the way of Women’s Rights and no welfare. How are black women in US or England to blame for centuries of black males failure? Even the first black President is the son of an AFRICAN ,Ivy league educated Deadbeat who made three families (2 with white women,) that he did not support. If not for Obama’s white GRANDFATHER, who let his hippy daughter come back to the stable home he built and a Polynesian step-dad……Obama would be just another a very, black male loser blaming others. on

One does have to wonder why it has vomitted “Trinidad, Tobago, Soweto, N-Obama, etc..”, maybe seeking some travel arrangements ?

Here are the stats on violence in the US, by the way. 

Reported Rapes Tumble In USA

Stats that Matter.

Feminists Never Tell the Truth.

Here is the blog post that “it” was so upset about. 

 Black Mother “Dumps Cerebral Palsy Son in Woods for several days” in order to get some more C*ck..

She has obviously missed a few other posts. Such as..

Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck.


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