Woman In Charge : Natalie Bennett – Green Party UK Leader and the Roadkill Interview..

Women Automatically Employed & Promoted, by LAW

Whenever a Privileged Princess is not promoted, they scream SEXISM..BIAS..Mysogyny..

It is a well known fact that the majority of women in Parliament today, are solely there due to the ‘Sympathy Vote”, that not only males make but also other privileged princesses automatically typically cast for their own sex. Qualifications, ability, knowledge plus a reasonable brain, with some level of political nous, is apparently just thrown out the door whenever women are elevated.

The “It has to be a Woman” mentality hits every government department and corporation with a vengeance. Automatic election and promotion of women into positions they are untrained to do, is rife in the Armed Forces and that is just skimming the surface of the bias and sexism already in place. 


It is now standard operating methodology, that whenever any new positions are ‘created’ the automatic “Response Plan” in place is to fill it with another privileged princess. Hence we have these types of headlines –

This method of promoting women into positions purely based on their anatomy, they can neither handle competently or have even the remotest level of common sense, or ability, or attitude or the competence required to do the job, is now standard in today’s western society.

Everyone has FOLDED to their demands..

Laws in place, ensure that to be the case (Check any Gov Website for details on “Affirmative Action”,better named ‘Degrading Action”). Every GOV. Dept and Corporation, MUST comply to the employment of women to a percentage of staff. Yep, you go girrlll. Women have to be employed over MORE competent, smarter, better trained Men, regardless.
On top of all this, those very same self-serving women, that forced this bigoted, biased and sexist laws through complying white knight parliaments, now ‘DEMAND RESPECT’, for stealing your livelihood and your future.

What a pathetic excuse for a human being, they are..

The most blatant example of placing any female into those leadership roles via sex-lective voting, is magnificently exposed by the actions of such females as Natalie Bennett.

It is stuttering embarrassing to listen to.

Natalie Bennett’s Fuel Efficient CarCrash on LBC.

As interviews go, it doesn’t get much worse than this from the Green leader with Nick Ferrari this morning. Not the ideal thing to happen on the day you’re launching your election campaign…

It Just Gets Better and Better..

What is really needed and required, slips right past Bennett, as it completely looses the ability to add one plus one. SHE managed to describe a multi-billion dollar housing project, while erm.. guessing it’s cost while completely ‘forgetting’ about the cost of buying the land involved in such a gigantic scheme. This is at best, clearly, the most moronic policy decision not thought through, that entailed the building of 500,000 houses.

Better STILL.. She’s DEAD..

One would have to wonder ‘where and how do they find these morons ?”. Obviously common sense and mathematics was not included in Bennett’s ‘rise to fame’. When will we start seeing a change in automatic positioning of another privileged princess, automatically promoted way above other, much more competent people ?

Way above her pay grade, obviously..

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