Women are ‘genetically programmed to have affairs’..

Women are ‘genetically programmed to have affairs’

Well, here is something NEW, not..

This may come as a surprise to some suckers that believes that granting every wish his FEMALE partner demands will ensure her ‘LOYALTY’, maybe even guarantee the possibility of the floosie being remotely dedicated to any relationship.

Guess WHAT..

It just ain’t gonna happen, as DNA takes over to ensure that the ” I can find BETTER’ mentality that women are always chasing is actually booked in and will ensure you that you are only a temporary ‘FIX’ while she keeps ‘SHOPPING’ around for something, in her opinion, ‘better’ with a higher social standing & of course ‘wealthier’. One thing you can guarantee that women will do is find who has the MONEY and POSITION, as that is their only focussed aim in life ( which is why they always ask about your job and where you work so they can calculate YOUR INCOME)…

Higher Social Standing is Number ONE.

How many times have you seen or witnessed a female moving into a position as eg: a doctor’s wife and automatically presume that SHE is at the very same ‘STANDING’ as the one she has hooked up with. She wears that ‘Mantle” proudly because that has STATUS. The fraudulent actions of females are there for all to see and witness. Their number one aim in life is to ‘marry’ some rich sucker and spend it’s life in luxury while her every need is catered to (Women always pursue anything that is LUXURIOUS, which explains all those speciality women only catering luxury stores and a plethora of female touchup shops to cater to her vanity and ego). .

Don’t CARE How they Do it..

Were it up to that very same female to achieve that same ‘social’ standing, she would NOT have a hope in hell (Which is why women are now given a FREE ride to the TOP). She has neither the ability or intelligence or even the strict over-riding zeal to achieve a set outcome that would determine it’s wealth. It is a LOT easier to MARRY into money than to actually make it themselves. Other women in her ‘like-minded’ group think social group keep patting each other on the back, as that is most important. It does not matter to them how they go about it as long as they do..

How often have men wondered when their so called ‘partner’ deserts them even when they have bent over backwards to accommodate her wishes even against his own better judgement. Just to keep HER around. How many times have they been shattered when they find out after years of marriage that the floosie demands a separation only to find that SHE has nailed a ‘RICHER’ guy with the principals of a gangster and you know that she will be abused or worse. It goes to explain why women are so stupid when they choose a ‘NEW’ partner where everyone besides them knows that it will end up being a DISASTER..

Women are ‘genetically programmed to have affairs’

‘Lifelong monogamy does not characterise the primary mating patterns of humans,’ says Dr David Buss from the University of Texas.

Women are predisposed by their genetics to have affairs as “back-up plans'” if their relationships fail, according to a research paper.
Scientists at the University of Texas say they are challenging the assumption that humans have evolved to have monogamous relationships.
The team’s research has put forward the “mate-switching-hypothesis” which says humans have evolved to keep testing their relationships and looking for better long-term options.
The senior author of the research, Dr David Buss, told the Sunday Times: “Lifelong monogamy does not characterise the primary mating patterns of humans.
“Breaking up with one partner and mating with another may more accurately characterise the common, perhaps the primary, mating strategy of humans.”
For our distant ancestors – when disease, poor diet and minimal healthcare meant that few people lived past 30 – looking for a more suitable partner was necessary, researchers assert.
Despite anecdotal claims about cheatng, no study has shown that humans are predisposed to monogamy or non-monogamy.
A study carried out by Rafael Wlodarski and a team of researchers at Oxford University looking into infidelity found a correlation between the length of a individual’s ring finger and the likelihood that they would cheat on a partner.
However, they stressed that they could not find a causal link.
Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford University said the differences were “subtle” and “only visible when we look at large groups of people”.
“Human behaviour is influenced by many factors, such as the environment and life experience, and what happens in the womb might only have a modest effect on something as complex as sexual relationships,” he said.

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