Women are Just Helpless VICTIMS, National Sororities..

Being a Helpless Victim Benefits Privileged Princesses Financially as well.

Here is another one of those “You WILL do as you are told” messages from the headquarters of the Supreme Sorority politburo.

Being of like-minded, group-think individuals, they will of course do as they are told. Cannot possibly be the odd one out, can they.

WHAaaaa!!! Women are nothing more than self-serving victims..

 Women Are Helpless Victims, Say National Sororities 

It’s not enough to punish men for things they haven’t done. Women must be kept away from men, for their own good, because of the crimes those men haven’t committed.
This isn’t happening in Saudi Arabia or some other third-world hellhole. This is happening right here. Susan Svrluga, WaPo:

Sorority sisters at the University of Virginia were ordered by their national chapters to avoid fraternity events this weekend — a mandate that many of the women said was irrational, sexist and contrary to the school’s culture…

There are 16 sororities on U-Va.’s campus that are part of the National Panhellenic Conference, with more than 2,000 members, according to the campus Inter-Sorority Council. The NPC can come to “unanimous agreements” among its national presidents that are binding on local chapters and their members…

At some U-Va. chapters in recent days, students described mandatory emergency meetings with representatives from their national chapter telling them they risked suspension, fines and other penalties if any of them attended bid night parties.

All because of a fraudulent story in a pathetic, outdated music magazine.
These young women are showing more testicular fortitude than the cowardly Phi Phi chapter at UVA, and are pushing back against this sort of “thinking”:
Rape exists. Therefore, all rape accusations are equal. It’s irrelevant whether an accusation of rape has been discredited. We must proceed as if the facts don’t matter. Because they don’t. Now sit down and shut up.

This is about power. Who has power over your life? Who gets to tell you what you should think and feel and do and say? Who gets to decide who you can and cannot associate with?
And what are you going to do about it?

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