Women are the GREATER KILLERS and Murderers on the PLANET..


Conveniently buried via theoretical feminist FLC theories, is the fact that women are the most compulsive, sadistic, killers, on the planet, all thanks to FLC feminist coercion. How is that possible ?

ABORTIONS is how..

From NRIC.Link HERE..

So there we have the total DEATH rate by ABORTIONS since 1973.

Fifty EIGHT and a half MILLION DEAD..

Cretinous, feminist “hate all Men” bigot,  Kelsey FLC stated –

It is OK to hate MEN who refuse to acknowledge this fact. Its is also ok to hate the men that commit these violent acts. If you don't learn to control your dicks soon, we'll have in power to get any MAN accused of a violent crime, castrated. http://www.saga-lv.org on You can THANK Feminism for the New 2017 Super Realistic Sex Dolls..

Note the link to some inane site for more feminist FLC lunacy. Have fun..

SO now it is OK to HATE feminists like Kelsey FLC, as well, and the general female population, if one goes by the Kelsey’s FLC agenda..

Below, we have leading cause of DEATH for Planet EARTH. The entire Planet’s list of deaths by diseases, violence, etc.

Now, note how far down anyone has to go down to get to ‘VIOLENCE’ ?
Obviously, cretinous, malignant feminist bigots like Kelsey FLC, do not bother to note or check any facts as leftists never do FACTS. Facts are indeed beyond their capacity to function or beyond their capability to deal with (trigger-warning-safe-room-teddy-bear-dog-aroma-therapy) allowance. They prefer to believe and accept their own generated, moronic, nascent  propaganda that they are taught. Being ‘educationally’ lied to, constantly, has, of course, nothing to do with anything except their prevailing mental condition.

They PREFER to believe the crap they are told because it furthers their hate agenda. Well done, you comprehensive idiot..

Planet Earth Health Stats.

Coronary heart disease is number One on the list.
 Violence is NUMBER 26 on the list. It is even preceded by ‘Diarrhoea’, ‘Hypertension’ and ‘Falls’, not forgetting, ‘dementia’..

Compare those stats to the Unborn MURDER RATE BY WOMEN..

Coronary Heart Disease 1 7,356,061
Stroke 2 6,670,934
Lung Disease 3 3,104,330
Influenza and Pneumonia 4 3,051,988
Lung Cancers 5 1,599,557
HIV/AIDS 6 1,533,760
Diarrhoeal diseases 7 1,497,724
Diabetes Mellitus 8 1,497,371
Road Traffic Accidents 9 1,254,526
Hypertension 10 1,141,205
Low Birth Weight 11 1,134,954
Liver Disease 12 1,020,891
Tuberculosis 13 934,879
Other Injuries 14 932,484
Kidney Disease 15 864,226
Suicide 16 803,900
Birth Trauma 17 743,908
Liver Cancer 18 740,373
Stomach Cancer 19 733,499
Colon-Rectum Cancers 20 723,913
Alzheimers/Dementia 21 700,834
Falls 22 693,131
Malaria 23 618,248
Congenital Anomalies 24 556,327
Breast Cancer 25 536,521
Violence 26 504,587
So VIOLENCE, which is actually, ALL VIOLENCE, stands at 504,587 and reducing ever year
Abortions, instigated by child murdering WOMEN, stand @ 58, 586, 256 DEATHS since 1973.
The current levels in the USA ONLY, latest figures from 2012 is  1,058,490

Link to site on Global Information here..

So Kelsey, you lying piece of feminist shit. WRONG AGAIN. It is WOMEN that commit the most deaths. It is women that are responsible for the MURDER of over a MILLION individuals.

Vile, feminist, hate, bigot, Kelsey is an LFC – which stands for being a Lying F*&%ing C#%t or Lying feminist crank or make up one’s own wording using the LFC acronym. An apt descriptor and term that should identify ALL feminists from now on, aka Kelsey LFC or LFC Kelsey..

FACTS Mean NOTHING to Sexist, Biased, Racist, Bigoted, LFC (f)eminists..
So, in actual FACT, it is the actions of WOMEN that is causing the unbelievable amount of carnage and DEATHS on the planet while WOMEN enrich themselves selling BABY PARTS to the highest bidder.

So much for WOMEN sitting on their delusional, mythical HIGH HORSE..

So much for cretinous, bigoted, feminist, LIES about violence and death created only by one side of the gender equation. It is as if ‘WOMEN’, those privileged princesses, cause absolutely ZERO amount of murders, violence or death, even though there is a PLETHORA of information out there in the Media, Youtube, Google and elsewhere, showing precisely just how violent, nasty and deadly women really are.

Check out this disgusting piece of female TRASH. This is HER mind on feminism..

Language Warning – Battle begins at 1.55. Guy on video just showing some gameplay to begin with.

(f)eminist cretin thinks she can take on a Man and gets it’s just, begged for, reward. But what a disgusting piece of garbage these women really are. Claim ‘victimhood’ immediately after it receives the smack of  EQWALITEE..

To those vile propaganda freaks, the facts mean absolutely nothing whatsoever. Not only are they that hypocritical, that ignorant of facts, that stupid, they even deliberately single out anything, any minutiae, so they can scream, jump up and down, get hysterical.

Just to score a few pathetic little points while they ‘celebrate’ just how disgusting women have really become..

They have become a LAUGHABLE JOKE, a laughter inducing, pathetic spectacle..

So we have those ‘Women have come a long way’ MYTHS and their very own induced racist, sexist, self-serving bigotry..
Women have only shown their BASE Level perversion levels.

All through their biased and bigoted purview, they claims that WOMEN have come a long way. In reality, women have just demonstrated what their base nature is really like. They are just showing everyone what vile, disgusting, self-serving arseholes they have become and are now the one to be avoided at all costs.
Women only cause CHAOS, Abuse and Bigotry.

Take a good look at how women ‘contribute’ to day to day existence. Have a look at how they cause endless issues with endless problems. Note how a woman’s penchant for attention and creating CHAOS appears to be the sole reason for their existence. It effects their everyday activity. Their entire lives is solely fixated on and to, creating situations where they are the sole centre of attention.

Be it at the work environment or just being out in public and especially in the home environment. The moronic claim “if mom aunt’s happy, no-one is” sounds ironically like a similarity to fascist government control rather than trying to achieve balance and peace. There are a lot of things that those privileged princesses are not happy about. That list is exhaustive and it relies specifically on how they view their main competition, other women. Even there, their main attention and attitude is solely aimed at physical attributes that women are born with and cannot change.

Women are Faker than a CHEAP Watch.

They contribute nothing, create an endless list of commodity purchases, drives everyone around them into debt and then demand that everyone else has to supply them with as much financial recompense as they feel is their due. “Dating” is one such item. The majority of women ‘feel’ that they should not spend a single cent on anyone else as it is their due to just make an appearance. That to their way of their confused, self-promoting attitude should never be questioned even though those same selfish bitches now make MORE money than men do. And, what do they do with all that additional “equal opportunity” vagina money they demand is their due ?

Spend on Useless Junk.

Spend it on more of the very same crap they have been wasting it on as before. Being never satisfied with the amount of cash they have their hands on, they seek out any sucker with a higher income to ensure that amount becomes ever more. Women have been chasing wealthy Men for centuries, it is what they do. The 80% of females chase after the 20% of wealthy Men.

That has also been their ‘dream’ for as long as I can remember. When one considers the main aim of and by women to chase after Men with WEALTH, that of itself puts paid to any levels of ‘romance’ or ‘love’ or even their own exaggerated level of pursuing any male for sentimental reasons. Every guy ever married, regardless of wealth, status or position, will always be HER SECOND choice, as in their opinion, they are always looking to UPGRADE. They honestly refuse to accept that whoever they latch onto, will be their best achievement. Women are always looking to trade up.

Women are NOT WORTH it..

Many have now had to begin buying cats as that former long list of suckers is beginning to disappear at an alarming rate..

No One wants to MARRY ME..

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