Women are the Greater Sexist Bigots..

The Sexism, Bigotry by Women.

That title should just stand in it’s own right and anyone reading it would automatically nod in the affirmative, as it is that obvious. Needless to say that sexist women thrive in society without ever being questioned or even queried on any occasion at all..

The automatic built in protection that these sexist bigots enjoy in real life is of course completely missing from the web, at this stage in time. It should not be long before those leftist manginas and loonies began demanding that all women be treated with the usual kid gloves, be allowed to behave anyway they want while feathering their own nests with other Men’s assets and wealth while trampling under foot, on our rights as human beings.

The article below once again demonstrates just how completely vapid and lacking of common sense those future pedophiles really are.  Here is one comment made by one of those sexist bigots from the ALL WOMEN’S COLLEGE, that should cause alarm bells to scream out load..

those applicants who were assigned female at birth,

How does one get ‘ASSIGNED” anything at birth ? One is either a male or female, there is no in-between.You have to remember that this Sexist, Bigoted Women’s College is an ARTS College. Educating future no-hopers, brain-deads and delusionals, appears to be it’s goals.

Amazingly, they make these type of bigoted statements and sexist comments with impunity.

“Those assigned female at birth who have taken medical or legal steps to identify as male are not eligible for admission,” the Board of Trustees said.

So the following hypocritical, lying lip service they utter –

SEXIST BIGOTRY, Pure Unadulterated Lies and Complete Hypocrisy..

1.   Bryn Mawr’s identity as a women’s college is “fundamental to its distinctive environment.”
2.  “In evaluating such additional information, the College fully intends to be as flexible and inclusive as possible,” they said.
3.  school use of “gendered language” respects individual identities.
4.  “How an individual self-identifies in terms of gender..”
5.  am pleased the College will now be more explicit about welcoming transgender, non-binary and gender nonconforming applicants,“ Bryn Mawr College President Kim Cassidy added.
6.  ” program that includes courses on transsexual studies, “gender as it is inflected by race, class, religion, and nationality,” and “gender and science.”

And one wonders who would DARE to question that obvious sexism and bigotry in public or if any main stream media would even raise an eyelid over such delusional mind-blowing stupidity`. If this college is funded by taxpayers dollars, it should be immediately removed from those lists for being and promoting complete and total insanity.

Bryn Mawr Changes Admission Guidelines To Accept Transwomen

All women’s college will now accept individuals ‘who live and identify as women’ (Updated)

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