Women Can Thank Feminist For TWO Things : Destruction Of Marriage and No Partners..

Congratulation feminists, You have Ruined Women’s Lives.

Tedious, unsupported and knowingly dishonest claims continues to be made from that nasty male-hating sect called feminism. One now knows why they get so confused about every issue (See #Frightbat Catherine Deveney’s disgusting comments using a female’s death/dissapearance, opportunistic, self-promoting, issue and read the negative comments in reply on Twatter). Everyone is turning against that hate movement in droves as the comments show in the link.

Some examples.

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Those loathed cretonian members from that narcisissits’ sect, are being castigated now on a regular basis and rightfully so. Never before have such a bunch of spoilt, spiteful, selfish self-promoting females ever raised their heads above the parapet. In order to prove what compulsive liars they can be and really are.

..feminist hypocrite No 1.

Jessica Valenti: My big feminist wedding

Constant haranguing and compulsory hypocrisy is main part of their daily routine, their norm, their standard. They would probably even seethe and foam at the mouth, in their sleep.

The outcome is of course another delusional leftist experiment for “Change”. 

Those experiments that destroys lives, while disrupting, destroying as many lives as possible is NEVER for the better. At the end of those events, not a single member of that deranged mentality has the courage, dignity or fortitude to stand up and say “I did that”.
Because of the mayhem and usual mass destruction they have so gleefully instigated and promoted. They would indeed be “Tar and Feathered” for their claim that they actually “advance” anything, anywhere, except of course, place everyone on the “Road to Hell”..

Now the outcome those haters have promoted is all there, for all to see.

Women are more unhappy  despite 40 years of feminism

Women NOW –

Worse of then they ever have been, both psychologically and physically.  

They are completely besides themselves as they have no partner or any opportunity to marry.  

They suffer from an increase of mental issues.   

Their general state taken a turn for worst as their “happiness” factor has plummeted to rock bottom.

The amazing thing is that women themselves have actually passed, promoted and financially supported that corrupt doctrine.

Now they pay the price..

Below, is one article on this blog that has over 100,000 hits and the comments have been raging ever since it was published.

Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck 

All thanks to feminism. The hate messages, the endless abuse and the daily ritual of raising trite issues plus endless finger pointing, has finally done it’s job. However, feminists themselves are all cosily shacked up with the wimps they have generated (manginesses(NEW)). A fair number of those hypocrites are married and have kids as well. While they fervently promoted the exact opposite.

Denigration of all Men and Boys.

Even though they have repeatedly, over the last four decades, spewed out the hate messages about NOT getting married or associating with any male with the message of “I Don’t Need No Man” or this one “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle“. All designed to boost the ever lagging female ego and downgrade, abuse and denigrate Men and Boys.

 Marriage Will Never Be A Feminist Choice

And of course we have that version of “Feminism on the Go”, to change at will to suit the female. Enacting a self level of ignorance plus additional levels of stupidity. Another option for the complete hypocrites they are.

I’m a Feminist and I Want to Get Married

Typical Sexist Females, they want it both ways.

Those anti-marriage words were mostly spewed by lesbian feminists, preferring to have all the girls for their own use  (fresh meat), rather than having to compete on the open market. Sadly but true, today’s women have fallen for their inane crap on a mass scale and meanwhile they wonder “Where have all the good men gone”.

The endless cry from the hypocritical female that has ensured they themselves have become the poison chalice that no one wants to touch, let alone even think about going near.

Here are some options that single women are now thinking about. The laws these days make it a one way trip to poverty and self-destruction for any man wanting to marry any privileged princess.

So, where have all the men gone?

The dearth of suitable males is the subject of Julia Roberts’s new hit movie and in New York the seriousness of the situation for women of a certain age who want to have children has led to a series of magazine articles on the subject. One of the latest, in the monthly Harper’s Bazaar, is a poignant confession by writer Christa Worthington that she is thinking of becoming an SMC – a single mother by choice, through artificial insemination.

There certainly is a similarity and a certain level of irony associated with artificially inseminating cows, as well as human females..

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