Women from HELL – NightClub Bouncer Video.. Women SUCK..

Today’s World of Skankery.One can only imagine just how painful women can actually be without video proof..

These are the same women who will ‘Reclaim their VIRGINITY” when it’s time to settle down. Most of the skanks shown in the video couldn’t even be third rate hookers on their best days, without the hangover, of course.

Wait for it – OUT comes the “I am victim” card..

Below is just one example of the female human GARBAGE. A fine example on how disgusting and repulsive women have become..

Woman’s Privilege Card Gets Revoked. (M-Language)

Imagine being conned by one of these tarts as they pretend to be opposite of what they really are.

There are obviously plenty of suckers to go around. Which is of course what they hope to be the case. Suckers that have not been around or aware of them riding the cock carousal for ten to fifteen years.

The same sucker who have not witnessed them puking in the gutter or peeing in some doorway.Watch their disgusting behaviour. They have been “equalised’ to be whatever it is to be whatever they want to be, but are obviously incapable of reasonable behaviour as they abuse, badger, conjole and LIE about their real intentions or even being remotely aware of being that drunk that one of those whackjobs asked a bouncer “Why did she drink so much”. She wanted to convince a bouncer to allow it into the nightclub so it could get even ‘drunker’.

This appears to be the standard repulsive behavioural attitude of women these days. Not worth even bothering with. Up to their eyeballs in debt. Partying non-stop while jumping on as many cocks as possible with the limited time they have left. No wonder those obvious diseases are now soaring to new levels..

These are the very same women who claim to be “Strong and Independent”. They are more like pathetic little beggars who have to convince bouncers to let their pathetic drunken arses into night clubs where they can abuse even further..

 Who, really, would want a bar of these disgusting frauds whose sole aim in life is to find some sucker in order to financially RAPE him via the ‘woman friendly’ courts that are still determined to bleed Men dry of every dollar he possesses and giving all of it to these leeches and mental cripples, just so they can claim their “White Knight’ honours, whatever the hell that is..

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