Women in CHARGE: EU Privileged Princess Kristalina Georgieva BANS Men from Employment Application..

WOMEN ASSUME they are the ‘BEST’ for the JOB, YOU MUST PROMOTE the ‘ME FIRST’ because I have tits.

This is now the typical FEMALE attitude, sexism and bigotry. How many times have you walked into ANY business, just to be faced with an endless array of females with NOT a single MALE in sight ?

The majority of businesses run by women would come under that list. They demand and scream about normal male space is a haven of everything negative, while they demand that every place where WOMEN dominate, is just, well, their very own space and no men are allowed.

The hypocrisy is brain-numbing..

Here is that sexist bigot Kristalina Georgieva –

However after a meeting with other commissioners in the Brussels bloc, she admitted more needed to be done to reach that goal.

She told Politico.EU: “My determination is that if it is necessary, I will freeze appointments.
“Some departments have to reach their targets, and if they don’t, sanctions are coming.”

European Union Sexism, BIAS and Bigotry.

This blog has exposed an endless list of “female only” spaces and places, as those very same hypocrites cannot even admit their endless bigotry, bias and obvious sexism (see dominate female education targets) . It is what they do, endlessly. They do not give a damn about anything male and still deny it by LYING, BANNING and expressing their bigoted misandry for all it’s worth.

Women have only EVER demonstrated their hostile sexism because they “feel” and justify their bias using some excuse or another. But in the end of it all and when you look at how they treat the opposite sex, it clearly shows just what nasty pieces of work they really are.

Regardless of the fact that Men have been involved in their “equality” and promote the sexist “Affirmative Action” hypocrisy, they will still demonstrate just how bigoted and biased they have become.

Now we have another example of thousands. Women CANNOT compete, so they MUST be given SPECIAL TREATMENT in order to sail into the top jobs. They need neither EXPERIENCE or ABILITY, they just need MORE LAWS that demand that they are given MORE equality than they can EVER achieve on their own. The AUTOMATIC escalator ride to top positions is what they count on to “succeed” and then they BRAG about how “great” they are.

WHAT A JOKE, WHAT a LAUGHABLE JOKE they have become. We now ALL KNOW that the ONLY reason ANY WOMAN is in ANY POSITION is because SHE received a FREE RIDE and bypassed All Men because SHE is a WOMAN. That is the sole reason they have achieved their positions and promotions.

Automatic promotion based solely on your sex is nothing to be proud of. As a matter of fact, it demonstrates just what a PATHETIC LOSER you really are. Cannot make ANY grade without PRIVILEGED treatment, that is beyond a laughing matter.

It is truly PATHETIC..

‘Sanctions are coming’ European Union bureaucrat threatens to FREEZE job offers for men

The 62-year-old admitted the EU institution was falling short of their ambitious targets.Only 30 percent of Commission senior managers and 33 percent of middle managers are female.
She did lace her disappointment with a hint of optimism, saying some Commission departments had met the 40 percent targets in some of the lesser departments, including communications and research and innovation.
Georgieva said: “We have to seek more women to step into the pipeline, to get more women up.
“You make better decisions when you have a more diverse working place.”

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