Women in CHARGE : Watch Incompetent “Chief Human Capital CEO” Emerson from DHS Incapable of Answering Specific Questions..

The “CHIEF HUMAN Capital Officer Emerson from the DHS, cannot even answer a single question..

Incompetent Women running an Incompetent Department.

This is now the standard behaviour of incompetent, inept females working in Government Departments. Deny, Obfuscate, deny, pass question onto someone else, deny responsibility..

Incompetence Increases Stupidity. Breeds Contempt.

This is what happens when government departments are pressured by the feminatrix to employ women otherwise they will scream discrimination and all that other sexist coercive bullying bullshit they have been spewing for decades.
Corporations and government departments are humiliated into employing anyone with a pair of boobs rather than face the inevitable abuse they will hurl, all of which will be downright lies. The feminatrix is incapable of telling the truth as it is only capable of lying as it is the only way they can push their propaganda and agenda.

So we, that is all the sucker taxpayers, end up with completely incompetent, inept, useless females, placed in positions that they are unable and certainly not intelligent enough, to deal with properly. This is what feminism does. Claim that only women are the superior being even though men are smarter and a lot more work conscientious, take off less time and work longer hours.

So whenever any male applies for any position and has even better qualifications than any female, the female will be hired just on her sex alone, they are ‘victims’ you know, of everything. Automatically educated over Men and automatically hired for positions BY LAW. And yet, they brag about how ‘brave’, ‘hardworking’ and ‘educated’ they are.

What a complete FARCE..

Check out this female from a government service being grilled by Congress. Being asked questions about a situation that it should have been well aware of. Instead, we get this standard response..

What a joke..

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