Women love narcissists, manipulators and psychopaths, new research reveals..

 It’s ALL about the Boobs, ya KNOW..

Swift’s New Boobs..


It has been the standard behaviour of women, ever since the beginning of the Cave-Age, way back. Just when one assumed the art and jokes about women, being dragged from caves by their hair, was actually incorrectly diagnosed or exposed, appears to be more like preferred treatment.

One does have to wonder why WOMEN chase psychotic cock, as obviously they do and still claim it to be “LOVE”. We now know what that word really explains. Even the most retarded femi-moron must be having second thoughts as they TOO would be doing that exact same thing. The only difference being, that those exact, same, lying, narcissistic hypocrites, moan about missing out, due solely to their toxic behaviour.

Which they so vehemently, deny..

Who in their right mind would indeed spend a night out, apologising for speaking out of turn and for not complimenting the beach whale on how “good” it looks. Vanity, narcissism, is not solely the inbuilt neurosis of “normal” women.

When one really thinks about it, who would possibly want anything to do with them anyway, anyone? A night out with one of those “specialist victimhood, privileged princess” feminuerotic, would be akin to taking a swim in the local sewerage pond. The smell, assault to the senses and overall feel, would be exactly the same.

Why even bother !

Anyway, a local UK (Brexited) newspaper has released “exclusively”, a study, with the minimum of words and details. As they ALWAYS do when the poor little princesses are exposed as being lovers of loonies, thugs and frauds. But that is apparently the way they prefer it. And guess who has to put up with the damaged goods, the hysterics, the endless tears and the weeks of self-pitying and moping, when they get dumped right after doing the horizontal tango ?

Then they wonder why they are now ignored, avoided and cannot find a “date”..!


The truly moronic issue at hand is that those very same females that CHASE those losers, then make judgement on all Men (ALL men are the same). Claiming our behaviour and attitude, are all the same, how annal is that ?. According to loser feminits, anyway. As if they could make such an analysis when loaded so full of propaganda from narcissist (fresh meat) dykes in their women’s gender studies indoctrination centres..

The one problem here is that the Sun Newspaper points out is that women prefer a bighead like Ronaldo. Now one has to wonder if those women are not only just interested in the way he looks, but also more interested in the SIZE of HIS BANK ACCOUNT. Only THEN, does SIZE really matters..

NICE GUYS FINISH LAST Women love narcissists, manipulators and psychopaths, new research reveals

Apparently women are more likely to go for blokes with a ‘dark triad’ of personality traits when on the lookout for love.

WOMEN cannot resist a bighead, say experts.
Vain fellas like Portugal footie ace Cristiano Ronaldo, 31, are a turn-on.
Bad boys such as Christian Bale’s character Patrick Bateman in movie American Psycho are also a hit.
It is because women go for blokes with a “dark triad” of personality traits.
Christian Bale’s character Patrick Bateman in movie American Psycho was also a hit despite his violent tendencies
Christian Bale’s character Patrick Bateman in movie American Psycho was also a hit despite his violent tendencies
The three traits are narcissism (self love), Machiavellianism (coldness and manipulation) and psychopathy (anti-social behaviours).
Tests showed men with the traits were more successful at speed dating but any flings tend to be short.

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