Women’s BIGGEST Secrets..

Women Line Up to DESTROY the Society that you NOW LIVE IN.

Everything they do is solely subject to the way they FEEL. Everything else is IRRELEVANT.

MGTOW – The ONLY way.

Sandman once again delivers a fine, honest and a completely true assessment about PRIVILEGED PRINCESSES, that is indisputable.

For way TOO LONG, women have been plotting and scheming to ensure that everything they do and say, is beyond questioning. It is an assured fact, and we witness this travesty daily. Regardless how women behave, what they say and what they do. There are a large number of the male population that will not hear of anything that would actually demonstrate just how spurious, fraudulant, toxic, dishonest and downright evil, women really have become..

The questions to women about their inability to compromise or reach any level of unbiased “equality’ is also right there for all to see. Their toxic behaviour has been witnessed by all and there is absolutely nothing in the works to hobble these disgusting parasites. Men are becoming too cowardly to even mention just how deliberately scheming, self-serving these women really are with the exception of just a few. A refusal on how society destroying those selfish barbarians have become.

From sexually abusing and murdering minors, financially raping men of everything they own, to strapping on a bomb belt and blowing people up in the name of some ludicrous invented religion. Nothing even comes close to anyone daring to criticise these charlatans and pretenders of ‘love and peace’, something they have always claimed to portray and practise, they claim to solely own.

You can add compulsive ‘LIARS’ to that list as well.

So what is that big secret that WOMEN HAVE ? 

What is that big secret they practise automatically, daily. Have a listen to Sandman, as he once again succinctly describes in detail, just what FRAUDS women have become. Just how out of control they are and how their barbaric behaviour always runs to the fore when they have absolutely NOTHING to hold them back, no restrictions to bridle their behaviour.

When they are given a-la-carte over their own actions and behaviour, when they have zero standards to follow, when even their own ‘sisters’ spur them on an ever circling spire of self-destruction, this is what you get.


I have always stated and noted that female behaviour has to held to account, when it is not held to account, they will destroy anyone and everyone, including the society that we currently enjoy and have in place. Their consideration to any current situation is solely based on their feelings and how they perceive themselves to be treated. EVERYTHING else takes second place. Anything that they ‘feel’ does not live up to their flawed expectation or advantage, must be taken down, destroyed. There is your ‘WOMAN’ in a nutshell. Disgusting behaviour, disgraceful attitude and devoid of any limitations and they will willingly destroy all and sundry without batting a fake, chemically enhanced, surgically fashioned, eyelid.

They are just pure EVIL..

A COMMENT from the Youtube site – 


You guys are complicating something that is very simple. How a woman feels IS reality to her. It is no more complicated than that. Women use male sex drive and male nature (men’s desire to please and placate to women like they are children as a mating strategy) against men because they get rewarded for doing so (and that feels good). Women don’t admit what they are doing (not even to themselves) because that feels bad.

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