Yahoo FIRES MEN to replace them with WOMEN, Typical Sexist Hypocrisy from YAHOO..

Yahoo Marissa Mayer is just another sexist feminist bigot..

YAHOO, the WINNING Corporation of BIGOTS, intentional SEXISM, Anti-Male Bias, Male-HATE & Anti-MALE Bigotry, EVER..


“Savitt has publicly expressed support for increasing the number of women in media and has intentionally hired and promoted women because of their gender, while terminating, demoting or laying off male employees because of their gender,” writes Anderson’s lawyer.


Yahoo sued over employee rankings, alleged anti-male discrimination

Now that we now have even more proof that corporations as well as Government departments will falsely employ (sexist equal opportunity LAWS demands that WOMEN MUST BE EMPLOYED OVER MEN) women over Men regardless of their experience, ability or education. Yahoo has been caught redhanded. The feminist bigots that now are common-core in every area of employment, will ensure that Men will be stranded and pushed to the back of the line while those privileged princesses are given a FREE ride to the top.

How else would there be that a majority of Males between 18-35 are out of work. Those facts when touted NEVER or very rarely ever state that when the unemployment rate is mentioned it is always with a deliberate genderless specific language because who give a stuff about Men, right..

Meanwhile of course, all weasels and sycophants will keep using YAHOO like nothing has happened. Quite happy to sell their soul for a few crumbs from the table. It is now past pathetic. While Men sit on their hands and do absolutely NOTHING, this evil will increase and grow while the country goes down the gurgler. Amazing..

Former Yahoo Employee Sues over Alleged Discrimination Against Men

A lawsuit has been filed against Yahoo after a former employee complained that the company was biased against men during a series of workforce layoffs between 2012 and 2015.

Former editorial director Gregory Anderson also claims that female workers were preferred by management and that after diversity reforms, management was around 80% female.
Anderson claims that shortly before he was let go from the company, Yahoo had said that they were “ready to invest” in him, and that when they dropped him shortly after refused to tell him why. He also claims that women in the company were often able to leave in their own time and find a replacement job before departing, unlike men who were just let go.
The claims come during Marissa Mayer’s reign as CEO, and the lawsuit isn’t Mayer’s first involvement in a controversy since becoming Yahoo’s CEO in 2012. After using the company to purchase Tumblr, investors and shareholders have been calling for her removal ever since. Mayer also recently joked to a concerned employee: “No layoff’s… This week!” after mass workforce layoffs shortly before.

Anderson seeks $5 million in damages, according to his lawyer Jon Parsons.

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