Yep, It Takes a Woman : Sexual Assault – huge problem, false accusations – extremely unlikely..

Justin K Allen spreading the hyperbole on almost main media PBS NewsHour. Another Lefty Media Hyperbole Spreader.

TWO Lies in One Sentence.

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The Fake “Campus Rape” hysteria takes another turn amongst the many turns it has already had to suffer. It is amazing how many “real” statistics there are regarding “Campus Rape” and they do not come within a bull’s roar of anything those lying feminists have ever uttered.

The University income would take a nose-dive if they actually told the truth, as the current mangina in chief in the doss-house in Washington will only PAY your money to those that keep lying about it.

That is unfortunately the sad truth. For those voters that voted for the world’s greatest wimp and professional mangina, how are you feeling now ?

You must be really happy to have wasted a good vote on a clown, whose only claim in future will be that he nearly completely destroyed the good old US of A. What a boast that will be, especially to Cubans, Iranians, Russians and those doped dipsticks in Venezuela. One must not forget that one step away from total and complete left-wing instigated disaster in Venezuela. That is exactly what that current cretin in the doss-house wants at home.

Venezuela running out of toilet paper

Typical leftists, just like feminists, they blame everyone else except themselves for their own stupidity. Also like feminists, they do not give a damn what harm and damage they cause or how many lives they ruin and destroy, as long their incompetent, un-checked, un-studied, unreliable, fantasised theories are carried through to complete oblivion.
They seem to be competing on who can be the next incompetent lemming to dive off a cliff, any cliff will do.
Then we have that same level of complete denial of the facts by another “University female”, suffering from a severe case of “make believe” while vomiting it’s well-trained, indoctrinated nursery rhyme about that fantasised “Campus Rape” theory. It really is becoming a merry go round as they take it in turns to spew this inane, dishonest drivel for all and sundry to laugh at. 
Comedy at it’s finest, that has always been the feminists finest ability.
Here is another one. Frothing and spewing for effect only of course. It’s “feel” effect that must be honed and tuned properly in order for their own to believe it..

One wonders what university newspaper editors use for brains, if they had any at all.  This one is competing on “Who can tell the Best JOKE”.

Now here is the funniest comment I have read all week – apart from the actual article that is..

The Daily Collegian’s editorial opinion is determined by its Board of Opinion, which is made up of members of its Board of Editors, and written by its opinions editor, with the editor in chief holding final responsibility for content.

 So it is not just one simpleton, lying, it is actually a whole lot of lefty academic lunatics, lying in unison. Still want to go to Uni or College ?

What the hell for ?

You will come out a lot dumber than when you went in.

U.Va. fraternity lawsuit is harmful 

The most important thing to come out of this failed journalism is the concept that sexual assault is a huge problem on college campuses, and false accusations are extremely unlikely. We cannot let this situation hurt and set back sexual assault reporting and investigating.

Here is that idiot editor’s details. Maybe some wakeup calls are way overdue..

Emily Chappell 


(814) 865-1828

College Newspaper: False Rape Accusation Shows ‘False Accusations Are Extremely Unlikely’

On the main campus of Pennsylvania State University, the editors of The Daily Collegian published a 433-word editorial arguing that Rolling Stone’s fabricated, completely retracted article, “A Rape on Campus” demonstrates that “false accusations” of rape “are extremely unlikely.”
In the bizarre, unsigned Thursday op-ed, The Daily Collegian laments the fact that the Phi Kappa Psi chapter at the University of Virginia is now suing over damages caused by the Nov. 19 article by disgraced journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely.
Erdely’s bombshell article falsely accused seven Phi Psi members of brutally gang-raping a female student with the alias “Jackie” in September 2012. (RELATED: Here Are EIGHT Campus Rape Hoaxes Eerily Like The UVA Rape Story)
On April 5, the date of the Rolling Stone retraction, the progressive magazine apologized to members of Phi Kappa Psi. (RELATED: Rolling Stone Officially Retracts Its Report On UVA Rape Hoax, Reporter Apologizes)
In place of the hoax Erdely foisted on America, a new article by three members of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism now appears. The new piece is a scathing indictment of Erdely, “Jackie” and Rolling Stone. It vindicates Phi Psi without limitation. It excoriates Erdely.
Additionally, the Charlottesville, Va. police found “no evidence” that any rape occurred at the Phi Psi frat house.
Undeterred, The Daily Collegian editors frame the finding of “no evidence” as “unable to prove the assault didn’t happen.”
“The most important thing to come out of this failed journalism is the concept that sexual assault is a huge problem on college campuses, and false accusations are extremely unlikely,” the editors of The Daily Collegian declare. “We cannot let this situation hurt and set back sexual assault reporting and investigating.”
The Daily Collegian editors are especially concerned that a fraternity chapter located on a campus some 290 miles away is suing Rolling Stone magazine, which is based in a nondescript skyscraper in New York City — 236 miles from State College.
“While we understand the fraternity may have a right to legal action, we don’t support its decision to pursue a case,” they lecture.
“With all of the media covering of this case, it has become general knowledge the fraternity’s name has been cleared and the article has been retracted.”
Erdely expressed remorse for writing her wildly inaccurate, 9,000-word, agenda-driven excuse for journalism concerning the UVA rape hoax in a lettertimed to coincide with the release of the Rolling Stone report. She apologized to Rolling Stone readers, editors, the UVA community and “any victims of sexual assault who may feel fearful as a result of my article.” (RELATED: We Have 11 Job Ideas For The Disgraced Journalist Behind The UVA Rape Story)
Notably, Erdely did not apologize to Phi Kappa Psi.
Rape and sexual assault have been in the campus spotlight in recent years, ever since the Obama administration’s Department of Education created a complex new policy dictating how American colleges and universities must respond to allegation of sexual violence. The policy depends very heavily — at times exclusively — on Title IX, a comprehensive 1972 federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. (RELATED: How Obama Bureaucrats Are Aiming To Deny Students Constitutional Due Process)

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